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Chanel Party -14yr- Catwalk



June 2009


Emily in Portland, OR, USA

Honorable Mention

Americas Next Top Model

I have always been a huge lover of Chanel, not just the clothes but Coco herself. Of course, I also love cheap stuff. SO here is a super cheap party idea!

INVITATIONS: These were super easy. These can be made with any Microsoft Publisher. Use a blank template. On the front, put a large picture of the Chanel logo, and nothing else. What works best is if the card's cream-colored, but you can really use anything. On the inside, write: You've been invited to an exclusive fashion show at (Insert last name or Chanel here) House of Fashions. Below that give information for house address, rsvp number, sleep-over information, etc. For me I had it start at 5 PM.

DECORATIONS: Decorations are trickier but really great. Since Chanel is french, I sort of went for this Paris-style thing. Sprinkle the walk, steps, whatever leading up to your door with rose petals. If roses aren't available to you, buy fake flowers at the dollar store and cut or pull or the petals. Above your door, Hang a sign that says _____ House of Fashion." This can easily by taking a three-fold presentation board cutting off one of the side folds and writing your name on that. If you have one around your home that's already been used use that board but cover it with paper. The sign can be any color you like and can be decorated as elaborately as you please.

Your fashion show should be held in the largest or most open room you have. Make a "catwalk" out of a long strip of black fabric-however long you like that can accomadate your living space. Cheap black fabric to make a catwalk out of can be purchased cheaply at Joann's or some place like that. On the wall behind my catwalk I had a big blown-up picture of Chanel. You can get pictures blown up at Kinko's or FedEx. In that same room hang gold (or yellow) and black streamers from the ceiling (you can find these anywhere). From those streamers hang gold balloons using tape. 

ACTIVITIES: When your guests arrive have a member of your family (or yourself) hand out folders to your guests. I recommend having 3-5 guests but if you find you need more go ahead. The folders have a short "biography" (just make it up) on _______ House of Fashion a brief program guide on the "show." Then the show!!!!!!!

Ok for this you ah-bviously need models right? So for models employ older sisters female cousins etc. Really just try to grab different willing female relatives. If you have very limited options then you can ask a couple of your prettiest friends to also do that but be warned that could bump up your guest list. So for the show all you have to do is take clothes of the models that you really like arrange them into outfits then just tell your models their cues sit back and enjoy! You can use some of your favorite music in the background to go with it!

The fashion show should probably be practiced a couple of different times though. After the show it's time for some games!! First is Give-Yourself-A-Makeover-Minus-A-Mirror and when that's finished take a polaroid pic of it and give it to your guest! For that activity you can have your friends bring their own make-up or you can provide some. The winner of it can get some sort of prize…have a couple of different categories like "Best Most Hilarious etc. After that you'll probably want to eat, and I'll let you pick your food on that one.

For the dessert, I came up with two ideas: Cake in the shape of the Chanel Logo, which was kind of tough to do. For that I had to make two very large cakes to feed my friends, because so much of it was cut out. Or, an easier option, take cupcakes and draw the logo (you know, the double c's) on the cupcakes, which is what my cousin did for her party.

After that, I opened my presents and we had a couple more activities: we gave each other french manicures and played Tag in High Heels, which is pretty self-explanatory. It's super fun; just tag wearing high heels which the guests can provide, or you can grab a cheap pair at Goodwill/borrow some for your party. It was getting dark, so we went inside and watched Marie Antoinette just to keep with the whole rich-chanel-france theme, but you can do what ever you like.

For snacks we had bedtime tea" which can really be any caffeine-free mint tea. WE also had miniature soft pretzels wasn't really part of the haute couture theme but was easy and delish you can buy frozen microwavable ones at many stores. Of course it was time for "bed" but we just stayed up and talked. It was a great party and I hope you guys try it so much fun!!!!"

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