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Neighborhood Amazing Race -13yr- Who's a Crybaby?



January 2013


Jenni in Loveland, Colorado, U

Honorable Mention

Amazing Race Party

For my 13th Birthday Party we held an Amazing race around our neighborhood. This race took about five hours to complete.

Invitations: For invitations we used a template and used adhesive spray to attach it to envelopes to create a clue envelope like those on the race. We then used a template for route info to put the party information on.

The Race: All friends gathered at my house where we divided into teams of two and recieved colored bandanas in our team color. Each team also was assigned a chaperone who videoed the race and handed out clues when the roadblock/detour was successfully completed. All the clues where created the same as invitations with route info, detour, or roadblock clues inside. The first clue was Brains or Braun. Teams had to either add up all the addresses on our street to the correct number or pull each other in a wagon along a marked path the recieve the next clue.

The second challenge was a roadblock called who's a Crybaby" in which one team member had to eat an entire jar of babyfood and drink a sippy cup full of juice for the next clue.

The next clue also a roadblock called "Who wants to take a joyride?" instructed team members to walk to a certain part of the neighborhood put on a helmet and race a marked course in a certain amount of time. One team failed to put on the helmet and had to repeat the challenge with the helmet on before they could continue.

Teams then recieved a map of our neighborhood and specific instructions to guide them to a certain street where they had to look for a clue box. (We used a large package envelope with the Amazing race flag on it.) This roadblock titled "Who's up for a game of hide and seek" required one team member to search a specific field for two clear plastic forks. (This one is HARD!)The next clue was a Route Info and required teams to stand in a specific spot walk a certain amount of steps and knock on the door of the house they were in front of for their clue.

This clue a roadblock called "Are you puzzled?" required one team member to assemble a 100 piece puzzle without the picture to receive the next clue. This clue called "Who's feeling neighborly?" required teams to go door to door collecting six items for a picnic. When all items were collected teams could travel to the pit stop. At the pit stop we took a break for some snacks and all teams then drove to the outer edge of the neighborhood for the second leg.

Upon arriving teams were given a clue. A detour titled "Twist or Shout" required teams (both people) to either both hoola-hoop for 45 seconds or shout the alphabet backwards without messing up. Teams then got their next clue directing them to the playground where they either had to do "Up & down or all around" a detour where both team members must either complete an obstacle course or walk heel to toe around the whole playground. The next clue a rodblock "Who wants to take a shot?" required one team member to successfully shoot 8 baskets with a basketball with one hand behind their back.

The next clue directed teams to my neighbor's house where one team member had to complete the "Who's handy?" roadblock in which they had to put on a pair of gloves and sew a button on a piece of fabric including tying a knot and clipping the thread with a tiny pair of sewing snips.

The last clue a detour called "Natural or Spiritual?" required teams to either search the yard for one rock with a sticker on the bottom or follow a set of bible verse cordinates to find words that spell a message. When either challenge was completed teams could go to the pit stop. The first team there won a prize!"

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