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The Amazing Disgrace Party -13yr- Video Adventures



June 2011


Amber in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Amazing Race Party

For my 13th Birthday, I wanted a party that was unique and that none of my friends had done. I really liked the show The Amazing Race" so I decided to see if I could base my party on it. Luckily my aunty recently got pregnant and was on maternity leave so she and her husband offered to plan it. The planning went on secretly for around 4-6 months and I couldn't look at any of the word documents she made otherwise it would spoil it.  I invited 18 people including myself to participate in the race.

There were 3 teams; the red (my team) blue and green. There were 6 people in each. We also had 3 chaperones as we were racing around my suburb and the neighboring suburb. My uncle was my chaperone and one of my friends' Mum and Dad were the other two.  My invitations were in a medium sized envelope to each person. In the package it included a Where Is map of my house and their party invitation. I had already organized who was in which team so I gave the guest red blue or green invitation depending what team they were in.

The invitation said:  OUT WIT OUT LAST OUT PARTY! Dear .............. You have been selected out of billions of people to attend (my name) Amazing 13th Birthday Celebratory Race. Be prepared to race against the clock plus the other teams around Waverley.  Please be at the marshaling area (my house) at 1:30pm sharp on the 14th of June where you will meet your chaperones and team mates/competitors before commencing the race at 1:45pm. You'll need respect aptitude agility creativity and a sense of humor to successfully complete the race. Pizza and cake will be served after the race before the party ends at 6:30pm. Please do not forget to bring your competitor pass (this invitation) runners and a jacket/raincoat (as it is winter). 

Finally the day came. Once everyone was there I had a poster saying the "Amazing Disgrace" and everyone signed their names and birthday wishes (which is now framed on my wall). We had a debriefing; we got told that with the major tasks we were getting filmed and that the team with the most points will win.   So the point score started. Before we left for points everyone (not including me) had to complete a quiz about how well they knew me. Then we were let outside with five minute intervals between each team. Everyone was going to the same places except the teams all had a different order. From my house my team ran down the hill to the train station. Between that there were all these small questions we had to answer that would earn us points. We had an question/answer sheet on us.    My uncle had this package that only the chaperones were allowed to look at. It included clues train tickets money and maps of the area.  

At the train station there was a yellow and black box. This was our first major task. Yellow and Black were my favourite Australian Rules Football team Richmond Tigers colours. So everyone (including the non-Richmond supporters) had to dress up in Richmond supporter gear and sing the team song. We got filmed.   Then we went on the train into the next suburb. We did some small questions and then reached our second major task. We were out the front of the library. My grandfather was standing there with a CD player and a big banner saying "Glen Waverley Air Guitar Contest". My team were given wigs and my grandfather played the music. For points we had to do the craziest air guitar dance! We got filmed. 

After some MORE small questions we went into the cinema foyer and there awaited our next major task. One person in my team had to pretend to be a celebrity while another person in the team had to be the interviewer. The interviewer got given questions to ask the 'celebrity' and the 'celebrity' had to improvise the answers. It was filmed.  Then we went into the shopping centre in which our last task was situated. In the middle of the mall was the Wiggles' Big Red kiddies Car that you paid money and it would move around on the spot. There we had to all sing the song "Hot Potato" whilst getting filmed.  Our last task we didn't get to do because we were running behind schedule. We were supposed to go to Nando's and do the chicken dance.  

When all the teams arrived back home there were a couple of activities we did for extra points such as popping a balloon with a pin that was on your head and using straws to get m&m's from one bowl to another.   Now that the games were finished all the teams gathered in my lounge room and we watched everyone's major tasks. After watching the videos we got to vote on people who could win prizes for example the most outlandish the 2nd most outlandish the 3rd most outlandish the biggest chicken (Nandos) the biggest Wiggle (Hot Potato) the best celebrity (Celebrity being interviewed) and the hottest air guitarist (Air Guitar). The winners of each section won prizes. 

After that we had pizza for dinner and my Birthday cake (which my cousin made that was in the shape of a treasure chest). Then everyone went home.  My aunty put all the video's that were filmed during the race onto a DVD and two weeks later I gave them out to all my friends as a "memory" of my party.  I really enjoyed this "Amazing Disgrace" party and I hope that me sharing this with you will help you plan your next party!  I am now 15 and my friends are demanding another party like my 13th so my aunty has agreed upon throwing an "Amazing Disgrace Part 2" for my sweet 16th! YAY!"

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