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Race Around The City -14yr- Frozen T-Shirt Game



January 2013



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Amazing Race Party

INVITATIONS: I used some store bought invitations with the word PARTY on it. It was colorful and seemed to fit my personality. I wrote Jessie's 14th Birthday party!!!!" then write when where and RSVP. I also put on the side "wear your running shoes!" I didn't want anyone to wear what they would to a party and have to run in heels.

DECORATIONS: I decided to save money and skip the decorations. I personally don’t think it is needed. 

ACTIVITIES: I divided my guests into 2 teams pink and green. (I chose those colors because there were some 99 cent neon bandanas in pink and green at hobby lobby.) I chose the teams before they came to reduce fighting. I tried to put people who were friends together and it worked out very well. Everyone was happy about their groups. I explained that we were having a scavenger hunt around our city. As soon as my friend’s mom came each team decorated their team’s car. (My team decorated my mom’s car and the other team decorated my friend’s mom's car) I found window paint at the dollar store so we decorated the car windows! It was so much fun! Then we took a few pics explained rules went to the bathrooms and we got into our teams car. Since I was the birthday girl I got to pick the direction we were going (Just to let you know my mother made up all of the clues so I had no advantage.) Once I picked we drove away fast. Before we got to read our first clue my mom shouted "fire drill!!!" and we stopped the car and raced around it as fast as possible. Then we got back in and read the first clue. (Note: we don't live on a busy street so a fire drill was completely safe; PLEASE don't do this if you live in a place with lots of traffic!)

My mom gave each team a folder with envelopes lettered A-J. On the left side of the folder were clues to the destination and on the right were challenges. We could go in any order we wanted to. The first clue was something like: "A place to hide from WILD Indians. Something colorful that smells real nice" This one took us a long time to figure out. Eventually I thought of Fort Wild Flower (this is a new park near my house) My mom drove us there and on the way we read the challenge for this one. We had made a train on the slide go up and down the seesaw 10 times take a picture with some cutouts and find two dedications. We took pictures and videos of all of this. Then we raced back to the car and looked at the next clue which went something like this: A place you miss. A place where you used to stay cool on a hot day. Or something close to that. I immediately guessed Pizza Hut (There used to be a Rita's Italian ice there but it closed down and pizza hut took its place.) We had to go there and take a picture of us showing how we felt about the change.

Then we went to Starbucks and got drinks. (We were SO thirsty) We got back in the car read the next clue it had a picture of a star and then a dollar bill. We laughed and went back to starbucks. There we had to sing I’m a little teapot on the patio. My mom videotaped this. We went back to the car and read the next clue: Go where everything is the same price. We went to the dollar store where we had to buy something that started with and J for Jessica. We got a Jigsaw puzzle and ran to the car. The next thing we had to do was feed ducks. (my mom gave us half a loaf of bread) The next clue said: This place sounds like a type of fuel. This one took us a long time to figure out. Finally I guessed Kohl’s. We went there and had to have one person try on one thing: A hat polka dot pants and striped shirt a dress and something with a smiley face on it. We could not put these over our clothes. Then we had to put on a pair of shoes and take a pic of our feet. 

We read the next clue which said: A place with a court and horses that go round and round. This was the mall. We had to go there and ride the carousel. On the carousel we read the next clue: Go to neighborhood four where there are butts on each side of the store. We skipped (no running in the mall) to trends (this is a teen clothes store with manikins with only legs and a bottom.)  We had to take a picture with them.  Then we had to go on the train that goes around the mall. (This is a very small train for little kids to ride.) We rode it (the other team was at the mall too at this time and started walking behind our train taunting us) As soon as we got off the train we read the next clue which was to buy a soda and take a picture of everyone drinking out of it and the same time. We did and then raced out of the mall to the car. I don’t remember the last clue but it lead the our community center. There we had to get an employee to put on a party hat and sing Happy Birthday As soon as he did this we dashed home. We got there first. WE WON!!! We waited for the other team and then ate dinner played games, opened presents, had cake, and played more games.

GAMES: We played some really fun games I play every year.

The egg game: Before the party we hard boiled a egg for each person except for one. You have to smash the egg against your forehead hoping it would be hardboiled and you wouldn't get covered in egg yolk. 

Shave the baloon: Everyone blows up a balloon and draws a face on it. Then you cover your baloon with shaving cream and try to shave it with a razor. It is supposed to pop for most people and get you covered in shaving cream but we got cheap razors and it didn't pop. We ended up having a shaving cream fight instead.

Frozen Tshirt: Before the party wet a Tshirt for each person and put it in the freezer. Once frozen you must un fold it and put it on. First person to do this wins. 

Tape the birthday girl to the wall: This kind of speaks for itself. Go outside and use ducktape to tape the bday girl to a wall! 

Costumes: I told everyone to wear running shoes. I made them put on fake moustaches and and bandana with their teams color.

PARTY SNACKS/DINNER: I made chocolate pops in the shape of a moustache. I got the molds at Micheals well as the chocolate and sticks. For dinner we had Pizza Hut Pizza they had a sale. There was a cheese lovers pizza and peperoni lovers pizza. It was delicious.

CAKE: There is this store called Nothing Budnt Cakes and they sell DELICIOUS budnt cakes. I got a white chocolate rasberry cake. Everyone loved it! 

FAVORS: Sadly it was time for the guests to go home :( I found some cadbury chocolate bars for $1. This was my favor. The party was a huge hit. Everyone said it was really fun and one girl even said it was the most fun she had ever had. I am definitely doing this next year :) :) :)Thanks for reading!  "

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