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Amazing Race Party -18yr- Hunting for Stuff



March 2011


Alisha in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Amazing Race Party

For my 18th birthday I had an Amazing Race. I enjoy drawing, so for my invitations I drew half a cupcake on the side of the page and neatly wrote the details of my party. I asked everyone to bring their cellphone if they had one. We paired everyone up with someone who had a cellphone for safety reasons.

The decorations were my fav colours pink and black.I had pink and black streamers, pink balloons, pink plates, napkins, forks, and cups. We played an ice breaker game while we waited for everyone to arrive. I found this game on google. We had 3 different coloured cards that matched the same colour candy. Everyone got an envelope with random assorted colour candies. They took a candy out, matched it to the card and answered the question. For example: red was questions about family, blue was questions about themselves, and yellow was this or that." Most people at my party knew each other but others didn't so this game was fun to learn about each other while eating candy!

The candy I used was Mike and Ikes and jellybeans. When everyone arrived we had different colour bracelets put in a bucket and everyone reached in an took one and that was the team colour they were. We had two people on a team. The first challenge they had to do was answer questions about the birthday girl (I had my aunt fill in for me)The questions were asking what my last name is my fav colour my moms name where I go to school and some a little more tricky like:how many piercings I have what my fav childhood book was, etc.

The next challenge took them a block away from my house to an open field where we had to find golf balls. We brought a ball back to my house. We were given a bag and a list of items we had to find on our street. For example: a paper clip a pinecone a leaf a pencil a pop can tab a penny a nail etc. When we picked up everything we were sent to my neighbours house. There one person held the cup while the other ran to the bucket of water and filled the syringe (I asked a pharmacist I know and I told him it was for my Amazing Race)The water had to reach the line we drew on the cup. Next they were to go a few blocks down the street to the library.

My parents had gone there and picked different books. (Before we entered we were reminded we had to be quiet) Each team had to find a different book find a certain page and had to find the 5th word on the 10th line. They told my aunt the word and got their next clue. Next they were to go a couple blocks (back towards my house) to a friends house. In her driveway my mom was there with a string and a sour key hanging from it. One partner held the string while the other ate the candy off it without using their hands. Then we switched (a different string too) When we were finished our next clue was to go back to my house and pour a drink. We took the drink to my garage and drank it in front of my dad. Next we went fishing.

We made fishing rods and put a magnit on the end to pick up a key. (The water was coloured black so we couldn't see the bottom) We had to find the correct key which opened the box for the next clue. The next clue was to go across the street. In my neighbours mailbox we were to get an Avon book (a magazine would work as well.

My mom sells avon so we had many copies of the same book)we had to flip through the book and find answers to the questions. For example: we had to find what page the doctor is on which product has spf and is waterproof the code of a certain colour nail polish what page has the red dot etc) When the questions were answered correctly they had to go next door and find their team colour sequins in the (clean) kitty litter. My team had silver.Try finding a silver sequin in gray kitty litter! Sand would work as well.

Then the race was finished and we had to run a block to where my dad was waiting for each team to come in. When we were back at my house we gave out prizes. First place received a gift card 2nd place received a bag of candy and 3rd place received a slightly smaller bag of candy. We had a huge pizza and assorted drinks. For snacks we just had party mix (with chips pretzels cheesies) and other assorted chips. I had a delicious ice cream cake. It was white with pink trim and black writing and music notes.

After that I opened presents. We all just talked and had fun after. My friends really enjoyed my party. I'm planning to do another for my 19th birthday. For my next Amazing Race I want to include road blocks dressing up to represent countries and pictures while the race is taking place. I hope I gave you some ideas on planning your own Amazing Race. "

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