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Amazing Race -13yr- Oreo Cookie Tummy Teazer



June 2013


Nicole in Robbinsville, NJ, USA

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Amazing Race Party

The party was in June so the kids could be outside. We had four boys per team and each team was assigned a shirt color to wear (black, blue and gray). Each team had to run through the neighborhood competing to win while an adult rode his/her bike to keep up with each team. The adult used an ipod to videotape the teams competing. Two adults were at the birthday child's house to help with activities. Each child was given a drawsting bag(from Dollar Tree) the color of their team and inside the bags were water bottles, a pencil and a map of our neighborhood. Party lasted 3 hours.

FOOD:  When the kids arrived they ate pizza and I read them the Rules of the Amazing Race: 1. Each backpack has water for you and adults as well as a pencil and a map. 2. Teammates must stay together at all times (same houses). 3. Teammates must all agree on decisions made. 4. Teams must listen to and respect the adults. 5. Teams are discouraged to ask the adults for help unless absolutely necessary. 6. When you find clues, make sure you find the clue that is for your team. Ex. Grey team- clue says grey team. Show yellow envelopes that said Jack's Amazing Race. 7. In neighborhood you need to run on the sidewalks and on the neighborhood path. 8. You must look both ways before crossing the street. 9. An adult will be riding their bike and following the team through neighborhood. Don’t lose him/her. You need the adult with you at all times! 10. You need to wait for the adult to get on his/her bike before you run to the next place. 11. Adults will be taking video. Don’t turn ipod or iphone sideways and don’t take close ups! Chops heads off! 12. Turn passcode off on ipod. 13. Adults during scavenger hunt, stand on bike on sidewalk. Don’t need to get off bike. Take some video. 14. Adults during rest of race, park your bike on driveway or sidewalks and follow the team. 15. If ipod runs out of battery, please use phone to take video. 16. Call me if you have any questions!

GAMES/ACTIVITIES:  RACE- I planned the race so each team would be doing the clues at different times (except all the teams did the very first clue at the same time). This way they had no idea who was in 1st, 2nd or 3rd place! I handed each team the First Clue and this is what it said: TRAVELOCITY’S MASCOT (Garden Gnome- I bought one for each team at Walmart) You must find the website Travelocity’s mascot. There is one for each team hiding in our front yard. Once you find this creature your team must: 1.Decide on a name for your creature. 2.Ask your adult to take a picture (with a teammate’s phone) of your whole team and your creature together.  3.Text the name of the creature, attach the picture and send to me at (cell #). 4.You must carry your creature in your hands (not in your bag) with you wherever you go. DO NOT LOSE OR BREAK YOUR CREATURE. Take turns carrying it. 5.Look for your next clue in the front of _______'s house.

Here are the rest of the clues: SCAVENGER HUNT Your team must race around the neighborhood and ring the bell of houses on the below list. You can only get one item at each house and you must stay together at all times (Don’t forget your gnome)! At each house wait for your adult who is riding his/her bike. Be careful crossing the street. You need to get 6 items and put them in a teammate’s bag. Use the simple map of the neighborhood to help guide you.

DRINK WATER! Hint* Odd number houses are on one side of street. Even numbered houses on other side of street. REREAD this again so you understand! Go here: I listed 11 neighbor's addresses who I spoke to before the race and asked if the teams could ring their bell and ask for silly items. Here are your items to choose from: Clothespin, empty toilet paper roll, banana peel, Target Ad, plastic fork, piece of birthday wrapping paper, a  balloon, a never sharpened pencil, store receipt, a 1990s penny, an almost gone piece of soap, something orange SAY PLEASE AND THANK YOU AT EACH HOUSE!

When you have 6 items go to the birthday child's back deck for his mom to inspect your items and after inspection, look for next clue in their yard. DON'T FALL OFF AND STACK UM' Go to _______'s backyard and bring your gnome.  1.In the backyard all 4 teammates and gnome stand on an egg crate and sing Happy Birthday to birthday boy in unison two times! Make sure you get videotaped. 2.Look for stack of cups. One teammate at a time must hold cups and take one cup from bottom and put it in the top cup. You must alternate between your right and left hands until all cups have moved. Every teammate gets a turn to do this! Drink your water while waiting your turn! (I had one red solo cup at the bottom and 15 blue solo cups. Kids knew they were finished stacking when the red cup reached the bottom)

Look for next clue on their patio HUMAN PYRAMID  Go to birthday kid's backyard. His mom will help you with this. You need to make a human pyramid in the grass (on a blanket) and ask the adult in your group to be on the bottom along with two teammates.  Then 2 teammates need to go in the middle and hold your gnome in the picture, too. Ask the mom to take a picture of the pyramid! Look for your next clue near their driveway.

MONKEY TIME Go to an address and find their swingset.  First, two teammates must: Climb across the monkey bars without falling off. If you fall off, you need to start from the beginning! Go monkeys go! This should be videotaped. Next, other two teammates (who didn’t complete the monkey bars) must swing on the swings. The teammates who are not on the swings will throw one ball at a time to swingers. Swingers must toss at total of 6 balls into the green tub. Non swingers retrieve missed balls and throw any missed balls to swingers.  Once finished, put all the balls back where you found them and look for clue somewhere in the back yard but not in the pool area.

NO DIAPERS REQUIRED Go on birthday child's deck and you will find some baby food.  Pick a partner on your team. (Your gnome can not be your partner!)You need to spoon feed your partner the baby food while he acts like a baby! The baby should put his hands behind his back. If you spill food on the baby’s face, use a napkin to clean his face. He is too little to clean his own face. Once the baby food container is completely empty, you are now the baby and need to be fed. Adult should videotape. When everyone on your team is finished eating, throw your containers away and look for the next clue in the front yard at an address. 

CHALLENGE OVERLOAD Go to neighbor's house and count the pointy spindles on his fence including the pointy posts. Do not go inside the fenced area. Your team can count together or split up the counting. Call birthday child's mom at (cell #) and tell her how many your team counted. She will let you know if you are correct.  If you are correct, go to ____ house and be prepared to do several challenges. Ask the mom for help. Birthday child's house: 1.On deck sit in a chair and put an Oreo on your forehead. Without using your hands, use your facial muscles to move Oreo from forehead into mouth. You can tip your head to help you. Keep trying until two teammates get Oreo successfully into mouth. No cheating. 2.Everyone on team put Vaseline on your nose.  Get in a line. One at time without using your hands pick up one cotton ball with your nose and bring cotton ball to the other table.

Shake off cotton ball into big bowl and get at the end of line. You are finished when you have 20 cotton balls in the bowl. (If you get more than one cotton ball stuck to your nose it counts as one cotton ball in the big bowl.) 3.One teammate has to be Spongebob, take off his shoes and stand in the large bucket. Two teammates need to stand next to smaller green pail and throw wet sponges to Spongebob who squeezes out the water to fill the larger bucket with water to the designated line. The fourth teammate will run the sponges back to his teammates. Once complete, empty the bucket of water and go to the flagpole. After each team finished the race, they had to stand on the Finish Line mat and I took pictures of the teams holding their gnome. I interviewed and videotaped the teams with my iphone. I asked them what was their favorite activity, what was the hardest part, etc.

PRIZES:  Once everyone arrived I handed out their prizes (gift cards to Five Below, itunes and ice cream). Then we headed to the basement.I had purchased an adapter from the Apple Store so I could hook up the ipods to the TV and we could watch what the adults had videotaped of each team. It was funny to see the kids doing the activities and we even caught a team cheating on tape!! Kids liked seeing themselves on TV! Last we had dessert.

THANK YOU CARDS:  In with each thank you card I put a DVD of the race that the adults had videotaped. Kids can watch the race at home and show their families. It was a huge success and took a lot of planning!

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