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Paris Magnifique Party -13yr- Eiffel Tower Cake



March 2007


Josie in Corunna, Ontario Canada


World Culture Party

For my 13th Birthday party, I wanted to do something really speciale. Because of course, it's my big one three! I have been looking all over for the perfect idea, but nothing seemed just right. But then I thought of a wonderful idea! I could do a French/Paris themed birthday party! Here is what i have planned to do: 

Firstly i have to give out my invitations 1 week in advanced. My invitations will be red, white, and blue (The colours of the Flag), and in french.

Secondly i have to get all of my decorations. I found the most magnifique decorations! They are also Red, White and blue. I'm going to hang streamers around the house, and blow up at least 150 balloons! Balloons always make everything more fun. I also ordered some mini eifel towers to spread throughout.

Outside i'm having Multiple tables and chairs set up on my deck,(just like a french cafe!), and since i have a pool and forrest behind me, it will be wonderful sceneary!I will have a single rose and vase on each table. I really want to go for a romantic, peaceful feel, so i'm going to put up outdoor white lites on the trees, and the top of my deck.

Once all my friends get here,I will tell them to be prepared for a night of the finest paris pampering! I'm having a limo come to pick us up, and bring us to the hair salon! Any kind of hair salon will do. All the girls will be able to pick a special hair style!

Next, the surprise of the party! The limo wont be taking us home, it will be taking us to the local photo shop to get a group photo! I think that everyone's going to like that. Now that that's finished, we take the limo home, and i will seat them all down to my tables outside, and my waiters, mom and dad" :) will bring them their french cuisine! I'm thinking of things like salades cheeses eclairs and croisants. I also want to have fancy wine glasses filled with Paris' most famous "wine" (Sparkling water:P)

After everyone is finished eating the cake comes out! I'm having a layered cake with an eiffel tower cake topper. For the girls who do not have cake there will be a strawberry and chocolate fondue set ready. Once everyone is finished with that i can take the guests inside to set up their sleeping bags in my basement. (This party will be a sleep over)

From there we will just play games watch movies (I have the paris marykate and ahsley) and just hangout and have fun! In the morning we will wake up to our tables again but this time with crepes!

For party bags I will be giving a Martini glass key chain and little bottles of cheap perfume. I hope everything goes well with my party and also that I've gave the people who were dying to find some theme that would be so speciale and idea of what they could do.  

Thank you Josie"

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