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World Party -13yr- Tokyo, London & Hollywood



June 2007


Gabby in Lutz,Florida,United States of America


World Culture Party

For my 13th birthday I wanted it to be perfect.I couldn't decide on what to do so I did everything from around the world.For invitations I made them on the computer so it would be a surprise for my friends what we were doing.I put your invited to A PARTY. On the inside I put when,where and what to bring.I have a pool so I told them to bring their bathing suit,towel,favorite movies,cds,and a flashlight.

I set up my living room like Tokyo.  I put artifacts fom china and lanterns all around the room.If you can, put big sheets in the doorway of each room so its a suprise to your friends.I made my dining room look like London and put a ton of fashion things every where.I made my huge hallway look like a runway for the fashion part of London.

Then I decorated my living room with stars to look like hollywood. When they got here we played in the pool to keep their mind off the hidden rooms while my mom went to get Chinese food for Tokyo. When she got back I made them pop baloons to see if they were in Tokyo,London,or Hollywood.

We ate in the Tokyo room and then we played a game like blind volleyball.I took a huge sheet and put it in front of two teams.They could't see the other team so it was harder.I boudght some foam swords and had them hit a baloon back and forth over the sheet.

Then we went to London and had a fashion show.Then my mom got some manikins from her job and we dressed them up too.

Then we went to Hollywood and I presented an award to each of my friend.

Then we went back outside in the dark and played.After that we watched tons of movies and listened to music.In the morning my mom bought donoughts and cereal for breakfast.

Last but not least we played outside until the parents came!

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