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Survivor Party -13yr- Tug of War & Egg Toss



June 2009


Rene in Buford, GA USA


Survivor Party

50 invites (prepared for 60) Total Cost $500 included everything: photo invitations(survivor logo printed on 4x6 pictures through Walmart for front and shipping labels applied to back with tribal date, island arrival and pick-up address, and a request to bring $1 for cash pot to be awarded to the Sole Survivor), 60 t-shirt keepsakes (party favor), 40 sharpies, decorations (tiki umbrella for pool,6 tiki citronella torches and fuel,1 fringed table skirt, 2 luau table cloths), 2 meals (pizza and hotdog/chips), 3 cakes (2-24 count cupcake pull-apart palm trees and 1 24 count pull-apart photo cake), 172 canned cokes. 

Party time: 1pm-10pm (first 5 hours at subdivision pool-last 4 hours at house)  Upon arrival each person was given a brown paper sack (randomly)with a plain white t-shirt and a welcome note telling them which tribe they had been assigned.  They had 2 hours to decorate their tribal shirts with sharpies before challenges began.  EX:  Welcome to Kristy's Island Survivor Style! You have been assigned to tribe Red Crab.  You will need to decorate your t-shirt in red only and draw your tribal picture on your shirt before the first challenge begins at 3:00. Decorate the front and back.  You may cut (scissors provided) your shirt any way you choose below the belly button or on the sleeves, but do not cut the body of the shirt.  Be creative!  You MUST wear your shirt during all challenges including immunity challenges.     

The first immunity idol winner will be drawn randomly from the sign-in sheet.  Make sure to sign in!  The winner may claim immunity any time his/her tribe is eliminated but may not save the idol to become sole winner.  You may give away the idol, but this must be done before challenges and the owner must state he/she is in possession of the idol before challenges.      At the completion of the 3:00 challenge, food will be served first to the remaining tribes.  This will repeat after the 7:30 challenge.     

The sole survivor will be declared by 9:00 and will be awarded the cash pot!  Please place your $1 in the pot now. Everyone's keepsake will be their t-shirt.  Be sure to have your friends sign the back after 9.  Please apply sunscreen now!  Good Luck!   Can you survive? (The note also included a clip-art of a red crab for their reference)  There were 4 tribes (Red Crab, Blue Scorpion, Green Lizard, and Black Ant).  The guests signed in on the numbered sign-in sheet and listed their assigned tribe. 

Events: 3:00 Immunity drawn from bucket of prepared cut and folded numbers (1-60) and the immunity necklace awarded (Actually a chained belt with with large stones and mirrors)

3:15 Tug of war (used a ski rope) four tribes--with 2 losing tribes out.(if tribes uneven, one could choose to sit out)

5:00 Water relay--2 tribes with losing tribe out (idol holder didn’t want to swim so before the relay she gave the idol to a member of a previously losing team--she was out for the day) Pack-up and move to house. Kids played basketball and hung out while hotdogs being cooked.

7:30  Egg toss.  There were 8 kids surviving.  I took 8 toothpicks and colored 1/2 inch of each toothpick (2 green, 2 red, 2 yellow, and 2 black)  The survivors picked a toothpick from my hand (tips hidden) and were partners with person who drew same color.  Once again, the holder of the idol didn’t want to do the egg toss so he gave it to a previously losing member).  Each team was given a raw egg. We used 2 ski ropes to mark lines in the road where each survivor stood opposite their partner.  After each successful toss, one rope was moved back a few feet.  If the egg broke, both partners were out.  Surprisingly, the first out was at about 30 feet! Everyone was eliminated except 1 pair.

9:00 Final Challenge was simply to guess a number from 1-100 that had been written on paper and put in a sealed envelope.  Cash pot of $20 was awarded to closest guesser(some guests did not bring $1) Then sharpies were laid out on table outside for everyone to get guests to sign their shirt.  We had some pretty cool shirts going on--shredded hems and sleeves, etc.

The tiki torches were stuck in the yard and lit about 8pm (Great for parents looking for pick-up house)The torches only cost $1 each at Kroger! About 9:30 pictures taken throughout the day were ran as a slide show on the big screen tv.  We had parent glued to the tv! It was a total success!

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