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Project Runway - Recycled Materials Outfit Challenge



January 2013


Megan in New CUmberland, PA 17070

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Runway Fashion Designer Party

I always have sort of an End of School" sleepover for me and a few of my closest friends. This year I am thinking of doing a project runway themed party since all of my friends are really into fashion. 

INVITATIONS: The invitations are going to be designed by me in a simple word document format. I will be inviting between four and six girls including myself. The invitations should give all of the typical party details (who what where when why)and a note telling the guests to bring $10 for the fashion challenge (since this is not a birthday party) If this idea was to be used for a birthday party you could have the guests bring money instead of gifts or it could be provided depending on your budget. Also tell guests to bring spending money for the mall.

DECORATIONS: For this type of party not many decorations are needed but there are a few things you could do to give it that something special. The workroom: Designate a spot in your house such as the playroom or craft room as the "workroom". Set up a small folding table for each guest along with chairs covered in pretty fabric. Have a larger table at the front of the room with things like dyes studs liquid stitch a sewing machine a hot glue gun jewels scrap fabric velcro elastic and any other embelishments you can find for girls to use on their designs. If this is a sleepover you could set up a "break room" like a bedroom or living room for guests to put their sleeping bags and things in. You could also make a "runway" with red fabric or dollar store table cloths with Christmas lights running down the length of it.

FOOD: This should be fairly simple but still fancy. In the "breakroom" have a table set up with various fruits veggies dip sodas candy chips etc. For the main meal you could buy a make your own pizza kit  and have everyone "design" their own pizzas this is always a hit plus it is really simple. Buy each guest a wine glass from the dollar store and decorate it with their name and anything else you like before the party. These can be taken home by guests later.

PARTY GAMES/ACTIVITIES: When your guests start to arrive show everyone to the break room to put their things down. Offer them a drink and wait for everyone to arrive. Once everyone gets there announce the designer's first challenge. They will be designing an original outfit made all from recycled materials. These materials can include: trash bags plastic bags shopping bags scrap fabric glitter duct tape paper tissue paper paper plates and bowls string and anything else you can think of. Pair up in groups of two and give each girl fifteen minutes to design and outfit for their partner before switching. Once everyone has an outfit take pictures of everyone "walking down the runway" Once each girl has had her turn line up and take a group shot. These pictures will be used later in the "judging process".

Next it will be time for the main design challenge. Take everyone to the thrift store where they have 90 minutes and ten dollars to spend to buy clothes that they can later transform in the workroom. Since this party is in the summer I would suggest that everyone buy a pair of jeans to make into shorts which they could dye stud destroy or whatever they choose. And of course they will need a shirt to go with it plus any cute accesorries they may find. I would suggest having this party on a Wednsday since most of my local thrift shops have 50% off everything that day. Once everyone had made their purchases head back home to desgin the clothes into something amazing! Once you are done have everyone walk down the catwalk again and take pictures in the same format as last time. 

Once this activity is done move on to the next activity: jewelry making. Have plenty of supplies available such as jewelry wire and tools shrinky dink paper any old purses or fabric hot glue guns duct tape beads scissors ring backs earrings feathers jewels and any other supplies you may have on hand. The girls can be "hand models" (or neck models if they make a necklace)and take pictures of everyone with their creations. When you are done with that it will probably be about dinnertime.

FOOD: Have the guests make their own pizzas. While you are waiting for them to cook have flip flops available (ask size and color beforehand) for guests to decorate. They can do this in the workroom and use anything left over from past design challenges. Once the pizzas are done you can eat dinner and simply just talk and have fun! When you are done with dinner finish decorating flip flops if you haven't already and take pictures of those as well. After that you can do each other's nails and chat while you upload the pictures to the computer. Once that is done you can put all of the pictures on facebook or instagram and have your friends vote for the best design for each challenge! (you can blur out faces if you want or take pics from the neck down so people don't really know who is who. In the morning you can check to see who the winners are!! Give the winners a little prize by now it should be about ten so the rest of the night can be up to you! In the morning set up a breakfast bar and let guests serve themselves. Have various cereal milk waffles scones bagels juices hot chocolate coffee and anything else you like.

Guess what? The fun's not over yet!! In the morning dress in you new outfits that you made last night (wash them the night before) and head to the mall for a mall scavenger hunt!! Make a list of pictures that have to be taken and things that have to be collected. If anything on the list costs money make sure to include it in an envelope with the clues. The list of pictures could be: Riding a kiddie ride trying on dresses in Macys Everyone in the highest heels they can find posing as a mannequin in old navy buy a piece of gum for each person and have everyone blow a bubble and take a pic everyone in one bathroom stall photo of everyone wearing a hat etc. The list of things to buy/ get could be: squeeze into a photobooth and get a photo strip (you can copy later to save money) go to macy's and get a free perfume sample get some napkins from starbucks (they make great blotting sheets) get a straw go to claires and buy 10 things for $10 get a free makeover etc. Once you are done finding everything go to the food court and get lunch (it should be about 1) then shop 'til you drop until your parents pick you up!

FAVORS: For favors I plan to spend around $5-$7 per guest. I found some chocolate face masks from CVS for 50 cents each. I also found some china glaze nail polishes at tjmaxx for $2 each. All makeup can be found for about a dollar per piece so I got everyone a black eyeliner pencil from the dollar store. They will also take home their flip flops jewelry outfits from the design challenge two pieces of jewelry they chose from claires and bags from oriental trading that will hold everything that they acquire throughout the night."

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