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Photoshoot Party -15yr- Professional Photographer



March 2007


holly in uk


Runway Fashion Designer Party

I had a photoshoot party for my 15th - 16-20 mates - i hired a photographer and all around the hall (venue) there were backdrops like:daisies,sunsets,grass etc. i asked all the girls to bring as many outfits as they could.

When they arrived they were given a cocktail [non-acoholic].

We had booked a mobile beauty therapist to do our hair, make up and nails - when we were ready we went and had a photoshoot with all the backdrops - there was no waiting around because we hired 4 beauty therapists and not all of them were having a photshoot at the same time.

INVITES: for the invites I got coloured striped card and printed a pic of me in a tiara with all the details on it.

DECORATIONS: had columns of dark pink and black balloons and had 6 round tables with dark pink table clothes and black candles and wooden chairs with pink bows on them.

FOOD: each tabled was themed - indian, mexican, gneral healthy table, china - they all had the food that came from there country on it.

PARTY FAVOURS: they got a silk bag of spa stuff and got a photo of them self (this didn’t go home with them on the actual night they came 6 weeks later)

Hope you like the idea thanxs bubi xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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