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Fun Summer Pool Party -13yr- Hula Girl Photo



June 2010


Erin in Palm Harbor, Florida, Untied States of America


Teen Pool Party

Are you looking for an awesomely fun pool birthday party?! Well then look no further!

INVITATIONS: For my invitations, I typed all my information on a word document and printed it on this fun paper to make it look cool.

DECORATIONS: For my decorations, I used streamers that I put around my patio and put balloons around it and it looked rrrreeeeaaaallllyyyyy cool.

ACTIVITIES:For my activities I had everyone come to my house and then they signed a beach ball for me so that I could remember them and my party.

Next, I had this funny hula girl background that everyone got their picture taken in. After that I had a container with bubble gum in it, that everyone had to guess and the closest person to guess the right amount got to keep it.

Then, we all jumped in my pool and everyone got their own inner tube, even though we kept switching and they didn't know they were going to keep it. After that we had food.

PARTY SNACKS: For my party we had mini hamburgers, mini corn dogs, fruit skewers, lots of candy, chips, and soda. ACTIVITIES(continued): we went into my backyard and played games.

GAMES:In my backyard we played cats in a corner(which is just like four corners), do not touch ze jewels(unusual name), a relay race and more and then everyone got prizes.

ACTIVITIES(continued):After that we jumped right back into the pool again and had more fun! Then we did something TOTALLY awesome!! We did blindfolded makeovers!Everyone got into partners and since there was an even amount everyone had a partner. Here was how it worked: one person got a blind fold and they took their make up( lip stick and eye shadow) and tried to give their partner a wacky new makeover and then the other partner had to do it. It was so funny seeing all the funny, weird faces that were made up.

After that we had to scrub off all the make up, but it was totally worth it. We headed back to the pool again for more fun.Then we had cake.

CAKE: For my cake we had this awesome flip flop cake that went with the theme of my party( if you would like to make one go to and find it there) and we also had these CUTE cupcakes that had a teddy gram in a peach ring piece of candy(tube) in blue frosting (water)with an umbrella hanging on the side.

Next, we went back in the pool again and my friends were trying to teach me how to dive, but I could not get the hang of it. After that I opened presents and thanked them and everyone dried off and I told them about how they all get to keep their own blow-up tube and the were all surprised and happy. Then I gave them a tour of my house and everyone left.

FAVORS: Everyone got a prize, a blow-up tube, and a pair of flip-flops.

COSTUMES:Everyone one wore their bathing suit(not much hehe).Well, my party was amazing and I hoped I helped you with planning your party!

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