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Coed Pool Party -13yr- Mystery Balloon



June 2009


Gina in PA USA


Teen Pool Party

I previously threw a coed pool party for my 13th birthday!

INVITATIONS: For my invitations I had a picture of me sitting on a beach ball at the Wildwood Convention Center.  Next to it in colorful letters I wrote: Come celebrate my 13th birthday by the pool! I guarantee you'll have a ball! (on the inside all the info) It may sound a little cheesy but everyone loved it and i got a lot of compliments on it!

ACTIVITIES/GAMES: Going along with the beach ball theme.   When my guests arrived I had a table set up with a blown up beach ball and a couple permanent markers so that everyone could sign it! I loved that idea because now I'll always have the memory of my 13th birthday! I had the radio play the whole time by the pool.  We had two lifeguards one for the shallow end and one for the deep end. 

As guests arrived they could either swim, play ladder golf, play volleyball, or just chil until everyone got there.  We swam for about an hour!! With noodles, floats, nerf balls, anything for the water was in the pool!

We then played  a game called the Sun Shines (ex. The Sun Shines for anyone who has blonde hair. Anyone who has blonde hair stands up and runs to another spot. The one person left standing is it.)

We played another game called mystery balloon. We split everyone up into two teams. On the count of three a member from team A and team B ran to a balloon on the ground layed out for their team. They had to pop the balloon. Inside was a piece of paper that gave a command : Go jump in the Pool! Then they had to come back and tag the next team members hand. The first team finished won!

We played Capture the Flag but instead of a flag we used a water balloon! When it got darker we played Man Hunt which was soo much fun!

PARTY SNACKS: We had Buckets Filled with popcorn, chips, etc. and you had to scoop it out with a shovel: it was cute! We made hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill

CAKE: then we ate homemade ice cream cake! It’s a layer of crushed oreos, a layer of breyers vanilla double churned ice cream, a layer of cool whip and the rest of oreos on top! Its delicious and everyone loves it!

DECORATIONS: Well since we had the beach ball theme we had blown up beach balls in and out of the pool and summer colors everywhere! Including the table covers and plates and napkins, utensils etc. 

FAVORS: We bought mini beach balls and wrote a thank you! Then they had to blow it up to read it! We put it in a little bucket filled with candy and sent them on their way! It was an amazing birthday!!

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