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Pirate Party -15yr- Walk the Plank



January 2008


Daniela in Thornton, CO, USA


Teen Pirate Party

PIRATE PARTY TEEN. For my 15th birthday party, I decided to do a pirate theme. It was veRRRy fun! This is how I planned it and how it went: 

INVITATIONS: I invited about 6 of my closest freinds, and my invitations were on a black piece of cardbored with a white Jolly Roger skull on it, and in black letters on top of the skull, it said this: Avast! Ye lucky landbubber be invited to me 15th Pirate Party! Aye me buckos I bid ye to be thur at __'o clock on the __ day of ___! (ex: "21st day of July) We'll have swash-buckling fun! Be thur or swab the deck! Arrr.....!" Then of course I put When Where Time all that. 

Decoration: It was summer and we had it at my house so I decorated my house to be very pirate-y. We put colorful decoration all over anything tropical and pirate-y. Like for example fishnets on the wall with fake fish in it and things like that. 

FOOD: For my food we had lobster as our main dish. We also had pizza (for girls that didn't like lobster) chips soda and things like that.

For drinks we had "Pirate Punch". It was a punch with pomagrante juice cranberry juice ginger ale 7up and rasberry sherbert. I even had a skull punch bowl that I had left over from Halloween so we used that.

My cake was decorated like Pirates of The Carribean. 

ACTIVITIES: I have a small-ish pool in my yard so when my friends arrived first we swam in the it for a little while.

Then we played "walk the plank". A person stands on the edge of the diving board and she is blindfolded. She is asked to guess a number between one and ten and if she gets it wrong someone says "walk the plank" and she jumps in! It was so fun!

Next we had a shaving cream fight with water guns loaded with shaving cream. Then to clean us up we had an actual water gun fight! The water guns were like pirate guns so it fits in with the theme.

After that we all got dressed and ate and opened presents.

Then we got to the main event: The Treasure Hunt!  We all got devided into teams and each team got a set of clues and riddles to solve. Once they got to the spot where the tresure is the winning team all got a giant candy bar. But they all got to share what is in the tresure box (mostly chocolate beads and other "shiny" things.

After that we all just goofed around untill we went to bed and watched Pirates of the Carribean until we dozed off. In the morning my mom took us to McDonalds for breakfast and we went home. 

GOODIE BAGS: My party was a bit different: instead of me handing out goodie bags they got to fill it themselves. I gave them each a bag and they got to fill it with the candy from the treasure chest. I also included a picture that I took at the party.   This party was very fun and my friends think so too!"

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