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Blacklight Club -13yr- Wear Neon Colors



January 2005


Elizabeth in Nashville, Tn USA


Neon Glow Dance Party

Hi, My name is Elizabeth and I am going to have a  BLACKLIGHT/CLUB THEMED DANCE PARTY!!! 

I am turning thirteen, so this party has to be huge and nothing can go wrong.  It is going to be held at my aunt's neighborhood clubhouse. 

We are going to send out neon invitations and everything.  We told the guests about the blacklights and they are planning on wearing either white or neon colors. 

FOOD AND DRINKS:  My mom and her two sisters are going to cook the food.  We aren't going to have pizza though.  Instead, we are going to cook a bunch of different finger foods.  My dad is going to be the bar tender.  He will be serving the (virgin) drinks.  We will also have punch. 

DECORATIONS:  My mom is buying a bunch of blacklights to put all over the clubhouse.  We are also going to get a bunch of neon-colored balloons to put everywhere. 

I don't think we have enough money for a DJ, but we are going to use my stereo and crank it up really loud. 

ACTIVITIES:  Since this is a boy/girl party, I decided to have some other activities because not everyone likes to dance.  We are going to bring my karaoke machine and some board games if anyone gets board (which I hope they don't). 

I hope this party goes well!!!  Wish me luck!!!

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