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Club Party -15yr- Karaoke Singing



December 2004


Simone in Reedley,CA.


Neon Glow Dance Party

Well here is what Im doing for My daughters 15th Birthday party. I guess you could call it a club  party.

Im getting some black plastic to line our den walls with, on each wall at the top I am putting up a black light. I have some glow in the dark black light paint.  The wall(or Plastic really) will be painted with the black light paint. Any different designs it doesn’t really matter cause Im not going to do much Im going to leave that up to the guest when they arrive.

The whole ceiling is going to be filled with ballons and Ill have a table set up so the guest can do there own designs/ Oh yes you can also paint yourself it washes off.

There will also be a kareoke machine in one corner so if they are not listening to the music to dance and hang out to They can also sing. When singing I will tape there preformance so They can go back and watch what they did , or just critique each other. Im sure they will be laughing at what they have done.

After they get burned out on that( you never know with teens) its movies and popcorn. Hey it a night out for the young ones since they have no where to go for kids there age and they like music just like the rest of us. 

Oh did I tell you this is all a surprise and she has no Idea this is happening. When I pick her up from her friend that day we are going to go shopping( this gives the guests a chance to get to the house) Im telling her I redecorated the den and I need to get a couple more things.   When we get home could she go look at it and give me her opinion.

Oh yes its also 3 weeks before her birthday so she wont be expecting it. Most of the time she doesn’t get to do much for her birthday because all her friends are gone for the holidays( christmas) and her birthday is usually celebrated with family .

Wish me luck Its this weekend!!!!!!!

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