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Fairy Party -13yr-  Pebble Toss Game



March 2006


Suji in NJ, USA


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Hi! I have an idea for a cool fairy party. I'm thinking of throwing this type of party for my 13th birthday party. I recommend this for ages 9-14.

INVITATIONS: Buy little plastic plastic bottles and fill them with mixed colors of glitter for fairy dust. Attach a little paper having all the party info on it and with ribbon.

DECORATION: For a true fairy feeling, make the party room(s) dark. Hang christmas lights every where, and maybe with a couple lamps so guests can see. If you can, cover the walls with black paper to make it darker. Drape long pieces of ribbon from the ceiling and hang balloons from the ceiling. The color choice of balloons, streamers, etc. could be light purple, light pink, and light blue.

Get out your fake christmas tree, if you have one, and set it up somewhere. You could even borrow fake christmas trees to make it more real. Buy fake flowers from the dollar store and decorate the party areas with them everywhere!

For a nice effect, you could spray the room with a floral scented air freshener. It would be cool to play some soothing music in the party areas. If I were to do this, we would have the party room be our big finished basement, which would probably be ideal.

FOOD: If you want some fairy realted snacks, try making fairy bread. Remove the crust from fresh white bread and spread butter on each slice. Cut the bread into triangles and and cover the buttered side in candy sprinkles. You can also hollow out a purple cabbage and fill it with ranch dip and set next to it chips and sliced vegetables. Make edible wands by making star shaped cookies and while cooling, insert a skewer into the cookie. Sprinkle with colored sugar on cookies.

GAMES: This game I made up myself called fairy search: Print several fairys off your computer and tape them all over the party area (on walls, ceiling, tables, etc.), and the guests have to find them, but they have to find them in the dark! Give each guest a flashlight (can be from the dollar store) and let them hunt for faires! The person who finds the most gets a prize.

Another game is Pebble Toss: Make baked clay pebbles or use real ones and have guests toss them into a flower pot in a distance. Whoever gets the most in wins and gets a prize.

FAVORS: For favors, fill bags with lip gloss, make-up, bubbles, pixie sticks, etc. Or for a unique type of way to give out favors, throught out the party, instead of giving prizes when someone wins a game, give a ticket.

At the end of the party, the guests use their tickets in an "auction" to get things. Before the party, buy some cool things, maybe related to the theme, like a make-up set, stuffed unicorn, a nice bracelet, etc. Make sure to buy enough so everyone takes something home! You can get creative and instead of tickets make fairy money on the computer or use small silk flowers. When the guests arrive, hand them wings and a wand if you want.

Some movies you could have guests watch at the party are "FernGully: The Last Rainforset","FernGully 2: The Magical Rescue", or maybe "Nico the Unicorn". I hoped this has helped you out!

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