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Disney Dress-Up Party -15yr- Mall Fun



March 2008


Rachel in Hexham, Northumberland,UK

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Me and my friend Hayley decided to have a big joint birthday party this year instead of just two little ones, and as our birthdays are only a few weeks apart we could do! We decided to do a disney party where everyone dressed up as a disney character, combined with a shopping mall party and sleepover. The party was held in february half term on my birthday.

INVITATIONS:We made mickey mouse shaped invitations using black card and silver gel pens. there were little lift up flaps and a big list of disney films that they could choose a costume from. We gave the invites out at school but made sure they opened them by themself so that anyone who wasnt invited didnt get left out. 6 people were invied including me and Hayley.

DECORATIONS: we had a winnie the pooh table cloth and a happy birthday banner, but nothing else. this made it less expensive but you could add more decorations if you wanted to.

PLANNING: we got pictures of disney characters and some of our friends and edited them on photoshop so that people could guess who it was. We also found quotes from disney films, and some questions. We bought prizes for the games as well. I live on an estate so we planned a treasure hunt around the area and planted the clues. Each clue had a letter and when rearranged they spelt 'The Incredibles'. For the shopping part, I made a list of photos that we could take and a list of things to buy.

PARTY: When the guests arrived they sat down at the dining table and decorated party hats after taking their sleepover stuff up to my room. Then we sent them out on the treasure hunt in groups of two. Once they had completed it, and came back to the house, we played a game called Scissors. It is really fun and you cant explain the rules to anyone! You need one pair of scissors and each person says either 'crossed' or 'uncrossed' when they are holding the scissors. It seems as if they are describing the scissors but really it is whether their legs are 'crossed' or 'uncrossed'. It is really fun but you might have to be a bit obvious if they dont get it after a while!

We then did the quotes challenge and the questions while people got changed out of their costumes to go round the shopping centre. Once we were all ready, my mum took us to the train station and we got the train to the metro centre (a really big shopping centre in Gateshead) On the train we explained the shopping challenges. For the photo challenge, each team had to take as many photos from the list as they could. E.g. posing with mannequins, through a window, wearing a dress, buying something, with as many grapes in their mouth as possible.

The shopping challenge was where they had to buy these things with £15 (we asked each person to bring £3 with them so it didnt cost us too much. The list had on  something sparkly, something stripy, the cheapest thing you can find (not edible). We also played charades with disney films on the train. Once at the shopping centre we got to the disneystore and split into 2 teams. we agreed to meet back 2 hours later. After we met up, we used the leftover money from the challenge to buy popcorn for later. We got the train back and ordered pizza for tea. we judged the costumes before tea and also judged the shopping challenge.

PARTY FOOD: For tea we had the pizzas and milkshake. Pudding was birthday cake.

CAKE: a mrs potato head cake. It was two bowl shaped cakes with one upturned and stuck together with jam. It was iced with chocolate icing and I made the arms and things out of icing. After tea we plugged the digital cameras into the TV to look at the pictures and we judged them.

PRIZES:We then did a prize ceremony. For the little activities like the quotes game the prizes were winnie the pooh lollies. For the treasure hunt the main prize for the quickest time was a disney princess bucket with chocolates and marshmallows in. The prize for guessing the film was a bag of winnie the pooh chocolate coins. The 1st prize for the costumes was a little make up set with some bodyspray and a chocolate lolly. The 2nd prize was a chocolate lolly with an ariel pen and some lipgloss. The shopping and photo prizes were the things bought in the shopping challenge shard out. After this we got ready for bed and watched Pirates of the Carribean 3.

FAVORS: When everyone left we gave them their party hats, and the prizes they won. It was really fun and not that expensive. It is helpful if your mum is at home to give you lifts to he trainstation though! Have fun!

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