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Masquerade Party -13yr- Bring Your Mask!



September 2006


Laura in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. USA


Teen Masquerade Party

This is my plan for my 13th birthday party. My birthday is on a Friday, but the party will be held on the Saturday so school doesnt get in the way.

For my party I am having a masquerade, which may sound a little dorky but its my own version. I am renting out a local inn for about 3 days (needed to set up). The inn is a big brick house kinda spooky looking at night.

In the restraunt part we are moving out all of the furniture (into the attic) to put in 2 big buffet tables that will be filled with good finger foods like wings, iced shrimp, veggies and dip, chips, gummies, mnms, ext. tons of food.

The actual masquerade part now. On my invtites which were mostly emailed i asked the guest to please bring their own mask but if they cannot find one we can provide one. I invited about 80 people (with permission of the inn).

In the actual ball room we are having strobe lights string lights disco balls everything you can think of put up and also having a stage for the entertainment.  I havnt decided yet my dad said he would get someone but to go with the feel i think im going to have etheir fall out boy or panic!  At the disco but probably fall out boy because my dad is good friends with the manager and can get them pretty cheap. 

For my dress i am going to make my appearance wearing this GORGEOUS yellow and black  ball gown with a matching black and yellow mask and then later I am going to change into a jade green dress with a matching black mask.

There is about even on boys and girls maybe a little more boys (since im friends with more guys than girls) and I have not my parents but the two coolest teachers at our school supervising. I'm not inviting people to spend the night but I am having another party the next week with one of my guy friends that’s a mixed birthday party between me and him since his birthday and mine are 2 weeks apart.

That will be a sleepover that most of the parents are pretty cool about since there will be parents there. So I hope my masquerade party will be cool.

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