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Luau Slumber Party -13yr- Fruit Kabobs



June 2006


Lauren in Fort Worth, Texas, U.S.A.

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Teen Tropical Luau Party

~ Luau Slumber Party ~ My 13th Birthday ~  For my 13th birthday party, I wanted something really special.  I decided to have a luau slumber party.  POSTCARD FROM PARADiSE: I invited 5 of my closest friends, all girls (obviously, because it’s a sleepover). 

For the invitations, I came up with an adorable idea! All you will need is 2 large white poster boards (you will have some extra), 1 hawaiian picture for each guest (I found an adorable vintage postcard picture off of  It had a hula gulr and it said ALOHA), a pen (I used a pink glittery gell pen), a stamp for each guest, tape (I like the double-sided tape), scissors, a pencil, and a real postcard.  1. Use the pencil, white posterboard, postcard and scissors to trace then cut the size of the postcard from board. 2. Tape picture to posterboard. 3. Use pencil, then trace over with pen to write on the left hand side on the back: 

Dear NAME OF GUEST - aloha! Come celebrate my AGE birthday with me at my tropical paradise! What: Luau Slumber Party. Where: ADDRESS. Check-in: DATE, TiME.  Check-out: DATE, TiME.  Please make your reservations by calling YOUR NAME at PHONE NUMBER by DATE. (Then sign your name) P.S.- Come dressed in your Luau attire for the fashion show! Also, please bring a swimsuit, a towel, a sleeping bag and pillow, and your cutest PJ's! 4.  Add guest's name, address and a stamp on the right hand side. 5.  Mail it!  SPEND THE NiGHT iN PARADiSE: I had different ideas for decorations, so I put a theme to each part of the house. 

For the front of my house and the living room, it was the beach.  The colors I used were hot pink, orange, light blue, and lime green.  I hung a banner above the front door, hung a bunch of balloons from the porch, and twisted streamers around the railings on the porch.  You can also add more streamers around the front of your house if you want.  I decorated the stairs with streamers. In the dining room I decorated the present table (the dining room table) with a hot pink table cover and put my Betta fish, Dory, and her bowl in the center of the table.  I like to scatter balloons around the floor because it is fun to play with them while waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive.

For my kitchen, the theme was underwater.  I hung light blue and green streamers from the top of the kitchen doorway to create a "waterfall".  I decorated the kitchen table with a light blue table cover, a giant starfish (for the centerpiece) surrounded with some fish confettie, and fush cups, plates, and napkins.  I added lime green utensils.  Then I hung light blue and light green streamers from the bar and added cut out fish on the wall underneath to make it look realy underwater.  I also hung blue and green streamers from the ceiling to make waves - you can add pink balloons with hot pink streamers attached  to create jellyfish. Just tape them to the streamers above, balloon up.  I added a bunch of helium lime green and light blue balloons to a chair at the end of the table, the chair I would sit at. 

LUAU FOOD: For a fruit kabob I used tropical fruit (pineapple, melon, star fruit, kiwi, bananas, grapes, cantaloupe, and strawberries) and cut them up into medium sized pieces. Then I slid them on to kabob sticks.  I then sprinkled it with lemon juice and brushed it lightly with honey. You can serve it on a tray (I found a cute luau one at party city).  To make tropical punch, I mixed punch mix (a pineapple, orange, banana one for me) according to the directions on the package.  Then I added ginger ale and a few scoops of orange sherbet.  You can serve it in a pretty punch bowl, too.  I decided to make fishy snacks by pouring a bag of goldfish crackers (any kind) into a clean sand pail and I added a sand shovel for scooping. Other stuff I had were cookies, chips, and soda (Pineapple Fanta was a hit!). 

For dinner, we bought a couple pounds of shrimp, boiled them, and we had a peel-n-eat feast. It was a blast! If you don’t like the fact of peeling them, you can get them already peeled and have them like that. 

My cake was from the grocery store.  I ordered a Lilo and Stitch cake without the figures.  It was a beach scene, and I added a little plasic surfboard. 

For breakfast, my parents got Krispy Kreme donuts from Target delicious!  

SCHEDULE: When the guests walked through the door, I put a pretty lei around their neck (I love the fabric leis, not the cheapy plastic ones).  We then had a fashion show.  Everyone sat in two lines (3 on each side), facing each other.  We each took a turn walking down the "runway" while another girl described the "model's" outfit.  I went first. This game was halarious!  When everyone had their turn, we handed out pieces of paper and the girls wrote who had the "Best Luau Outfit".  That girl got a giftcard to Target worth $10. 

Then we changed into our swimsuits and went swimming at my neighborhood pool (there are some water slides, a splash-zone, a pool with a waterfall, and a lap pool). We had a blast playing chicken race.  All you do is pair up with another person, one sits on the others sholders, and you race to the other side of the pool.  It was SOOOO fun!  We came home around 7:30 pm and changed into our PJs. We had cake, opened presents, and then decorated flip flops that we got at Micheal's. 

We then played limbo and watched Aquamarine (the movie with Jojo and Emma Roberts about 2 girls that found a mermaid).  We then talked about girl stuff, then fell asleep around 2 am.  In the morning we had donuts and the girls got their goody-bags. It had the flip-flops they made, the lei they got, lip gloss, and candy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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