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Luau Party -13yr- Painted Rock Invite



June 2007


Madison in Columbus, Ohio U.S.A


Teen Tropical Luau Party

For my 13th birthday I wanted to do something special. I decided to do a Hawaiian theme.

INVITATIONS: For the invitations I took a flat rock and painted on one side all the information about the party (these can not be sent through the mail). On the other side of the rock I painted their Hawaiian names. This was was later on used.

When a guest would arrive they would reach into a bag and pull out a lei. The color of the lei would designate their team for the games.

DECORATIONS: I bought my decorations from the local dollar store. Since my party was in June they had the Hawaiian decorations. I placed the decoartions throughout the house but mostly in the backyard. I used orange, yellow, and red streamers. One of the decorations was an inflatable monkey. I hid the momkey somewhere outside. Whoever found the monkey first would win a $5 gift card to Claires.

GAMES: The first game was where one at a time a person would be blind folded and have to find various objects throughout the yard. Another person from that team would call out directions. The first team to bring back all the items from the yard and into the bucket wins.

The second game was just like hot potato. The whole group would decide what the person who had the potato last would have to do such as run around like a chicken etc.. We used Hawaiian themed music for this.

Another game that we played throughout the party was we used your Hawaiian name. You had to call everyone by their Hawaiian name or you would lose a bead. If a person called you your real name they would give you one of their beads. Towards the end of the party we had a type of auction. You could bid your beads on the various items.

The last game was tribal council. This was where my mom made up questions (that I didn't know). At the end whoever had the most questions right wins. This person would get a prize such as a grass skirt or a lei.

FOOD: For food we had chips, icecream, cake decorated as a beach with palm trees, and snacks. For drinks we made punch with 7up and orange juice. We also had pop. We also had a bonfire with hotdogs, smores, and we popped popcorn over the fire. This was the best birthday party I had ever had!

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