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Hollywood Party -13yr- Pin Oscar On Star



August 2006


mattie in Augusta,Ga USA


Hollywood Star Party

IDEA:For my 13th birthday, I'm having a hollywood/oscar party. I'm having 14 friends to come over and I'll have a red carpet go from the door to the end of the driveway. I'm going to have lights on the ground pointing upward like they do at a premiere. The guests are going to come inside(the front door opens up to the biggest room in the house, my den) ballons and streamers will be everywhere.

SNACKS:we're going to have chocolate covered pretzals, strawberries dipped in chocolate(we have a choc. Fondue pot)and we will have small bit size sandwhiches(ham and cheese,PBJ,and grilled cheese). For dinner we will have KFC.

DRINKS:Fake wine..and Fake maragaritas,water and sweet tea.

ACTIVITES: We'll have a lot of activites to keep everyone on their feet. Here are some

1)Pin the award in the hand.. You can blow up a picture of a star holding her hand out and then blow up a picture of an oscar award.

2)We're going to do collages and cut out picures of celebs from my magazines.

3)Blushing Hot Potato.. You pass around a jewerly box until the music stops whoever has the box opens it and pulls out a piece of paper. All the pieces of paper will embarrasing things to do/say on them, like who they like or to do tango with the person on their right.

4)star guess who.. At the beginning of the party place a stars name on the back of each person throughout the party people will be giving you hints to who is on your back(remember no cheaofting!) and at the end of the party they find out you they were.

5)Movie charades.. Just like charades  except you act out scences from the movie instead of the word.

6)Photoshoot..take pictures of each person indivally and then make some group shots.

7)At the end have an awards ceremony and give out awards for best dressed, best hair, biggest flirt,etc.

8)When everyone leaves it's nice to have 3-4 BEST friends stay to spend the night.

9)When it's just you and your sleepover friends do more of what you did at the party and watch an award winning movie.

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