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V.I.P. Party -13yr- Oscar Outfits



June 2006


Julie in Minnesota


Hollywood Star Party

I wanted my 13th birthday party to be something special. It took a lot of planning but I pulled it off. THEME: V.I.P. Treatment.

INVITES: I did these on the computer. They were on pink paper and it said in funky script, You're invited to be a V.I.P. at _______'s 13th Birthday Bash. ______ at ____ until ______ at ____.  Please bring your best dance CDs, a nice outfit, and of course a present off my wish list. You'll have the time of your life! Then I folded it into thirds and put an old fashioned seal on it.

DECORATIONS: I had pink streamers hung all over my house plus these fun film strip streamers and gold stars. I also made a couple signs.

SCHEDULE: So first the girls arrived and we ate dinner which was pizza and soda. Then we went in my room and there were five stations- Manicures and Pedicures, Hair, Make-up, Facials, and Wardrobe. I made signs for each station and a big sign in my door way saying Julie's Beauty Parlor. I also put out magazines and some music on. In Pedi's and Mani's we soaked are nails put this one minute manicure cream, and buffed and polished are nails.

In FACIALS we had peel off masks and we had these fake cucumbers for the eyes.

In HAIR the girls partnered up and did different hairstyles. My mom bought hair binders, clips, bobby, pins and this stuff that makes hair shiny.

In MAKE-UP the partners again put on eye shadow, blush, lip gloss, mascara, and powder.

In WARDROBE we put on our Oscar outfits. My mom had put out a red material and we walked down it and had our pictures taken.

AWARDS: During school I had people vote on who won what. 2 people were nominated for 2 things and there were 2 nominations for each of the 7 categories. Then when they came to my party they gave the votes to my mom and she tallied them up and put the winner's name in an envelope to present. Each girl presented one category. The actual awards that were given to us were certificates with our name on them and a 100 Grand bar. I won best All-around Teen.

After the awards we made our own sundaes and I opened my presents. I got tons of stuff plus an Ipod from my parents! Then we had a dance/sing off with 2 judges. Finally we partied the girly way. We had snacks- sliced apples, baked Doritos, and carrots and dip. We watched movies like Harry Potter 4 and Mean Girls. We also played Truth or Dare and this game called 1-10. We rate boys from our school from 1(Not) to 10 (Hot).

We went to bed at like 1:00 then woke up around 9:00. Then we had breakfast and they had to leave. This party was awesome and I can’t until next year!

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