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Hollywood Party -13yr- Limo & Acting



May 2006


Nicole in Anekny, Iowa, United States of America


Hollywood Star Party

For my 13th Birthday party I had a hollywood theme.

INVITATIONS:I started out by getting some pictures of my friends that were coming to my party on my computer, then, with some help from my mom, I put the head of the girl on the body of a famous star, or just a prom dress model. Then in the inside I wrote a fancy way for telling them where the party was and what they had to do for it.  I told them they needed to wear a fancy formal, and bring a change of clothes (for when we ate the pizza and played games that could hurt the dresses).

PREPARATION: Before the party I asked every girl to tell me who they thought was the cutest actor/singer because I would need it in a later game. I looked up on the internet the name of their person and found the WORST picture of them ever, it really wasn't that hard. I went to the card and party outlet and got LOTS of decorations that fit this theme. I got a long red carpet to go down my driveway (all of this stuff was REALLY cheap) I got this filmstrip with stars dangling down for the ceiling, I got a backdrop for the photoshoot we did, and I got some party favors. Awile before I put the party favors together wich had fluffy barrets, doggy bouncy balls, a big (fake) diamond ring, and hurshey's kisses. The day of the party I quickly rearranged my furniture in the livingroom, making the carpet define the stage area.

WHAT WE DID AT THE PARTY: At 12:30 a limo pulled into the driveway. I told all of my friends that a limo was picking us up, we where all excited. I got into the limo with my dad, snacks, and pop. We drove around and picked up all of the girls in their fancy formals, makeup, and beautiful hair. We where all screaming with excitement! Everyone brought their cameras, we where ALL taking a ton of pictures. When we got back from our limo drive, we posed infront of the limo, then went inside on our red carpet/walk of fame (every girl had a star with her name on it) and once you got to the door there was a star with my name on it. We got inside and did a photoshoot, that was REALLy fun.

Next I did auditons. I handed the first 4 people a script that I had made before, after they where done, it was the other 4. We recorded this. Then we had them form 3 groups and make there own movie/TV show (an extra short one) and commerical using 2 props that I set out. Theay all raced for the props they wanted and then started to write, this was really fun. Then I recorded one group at a time in a separate room and when everyone was done, we watched them all together, this was SO funny because everyone had a good time trying to make people laugh.

After that I pulled out the pictures that I got from the internet (I talked about it earlier, by preperation) and told them they had to guess who thought what actor or singer was the cutest, this was REALLy funny because some of them didn't even know who they had. The winner got a prize. After that I had the girls change out of their very fancey dresses and into jeans, or whatever they brought. The next game was Honey I love you will you please please smile".

Everyone got in a circle and the starting person went to one person and said "Honey I love you will you please please smile". The person, looking in their eyes says "Honey, I love you but I just can't smile". They do this a maximum of 4 times. If the person doesn't smile, then the questioner is out, if the person does smile then they are out. This was really fun because we had girls who were really funny, adding lines to the Honey I love you will you please please smile, we where all laughing.

After this we ate cake (it was a walk of fame chocolate chip cookiedough cake), pizza, and I opened presents. Then we played movie jeopardy. Then we just ran around taking pictures and building pyramids and stuff. It was a really fun party, I know everyone enjoyed themselves.

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