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Hollywood Party -12yr- Invite to The Grammies



April 2006


Tori in Auburn Georgia United States


Hollywood Star Party

Okay Dokay! I am so excited to be turning 12, and I wanted to something really special! I am having a Hollywood party! Well, I am not rich or anything and I have a certain budget. My mom said that $200 was my limit. So that means no limos, fancy restaurents (can't spell) or any of that stuff like a real star! Some sites that really helped were and   Star doll helps people find out what their star looks like. Hollywoodmegastore has cool stuff!

INVITATIONS: me and my mom are scrapbookers so we are going to make them at archievers. Archievers is a scrapbook store. We will probably find stickers and die-cuts at the store to put on cardstock paper. On your invatations be sure to include all the important info EX: place, date, and important instructions, wear a dress, sleepover, etc. On the front of the invites it will say, "Party like a Star!" or something like that, and inside it will say that important info i was talkin' bout.

Also I will write a letter saying "Dear Star, Me and my people have had our eye on you and your abilities. So we set up this party to test your greatness! If you have fun you pass! And your next fan letter will be in the mail!!! But there are some strict requirments to be a star! You may dress like a favorite star or just bring something "red carpet" material. Also wear one of your favorite out fits to the party. Bring your "red carpet" clothes with your spend the night gear! See ya Star!"

SUPPLIES: like I said I did most at but they are not the cheapest. If you have a lower budget just go to your local dollar store and look for plate, napkins, cups, etc. And discount party stores are good too.

ACTIVITIES: i am still kinda working on activities but I have alot of ideas I'll share with ya. Well in my party I know I am having an awards cerimony or the "Grammies" At there are $10 trophies that look like real grammies. You can even personilize them for extra $$$$$. I thought $40 (i've got 4 people) was too much. So I went to Oriental Trading and they had a dozen little plastic trophies for $8.95. They may not look like grammies and they may not be as good but they are WAY cheaper!!!! Also I was gonna take photos of them, my bro might be our "Papperazzi" (OMG! I CANNOT SPELL!!! LOL) The thank you cards will be pictures or if we have time they will go in the goody bags! OH!

Also with the activities do not plan every minute because It won't be as fun. More ideas include makeovers b4 grammies, manikan madness(my own game idea creation), and much more! For the make overs I will ask everyone to bring all their favorite makeup, hair stuff, etc. Then my mom will give us all a beauty makeover! Manikin Madness is a really wierd idea but cool! search Google 4 manikans with hair. Find some and buy all the geust one each! Everyone will get to makeover the manikan with hair styles and ,if you buy a full body manikan, clothes!

Of course we will eat and I'm gonna take sheets of paper, fold them in half, and use the sparkly stuff to write thier names. (to know where they sit) We will probably have two fasion shows. or even three. ya three, casual dressing fasion show (b4 grammies) formal fasion show (at grammies) and PJ fasion show! (you may choose wiether you want to do it before or after grammies) I am going to do it before grammies on all of them so I can give out awards for winners! I'll say, "OK girlies, time for bed everone in my room to change in PJ's!" They will scatter to my room and change and I will probably distract them by talking and stuff. We will have our PJ catwalk in my room and Someone will judge the winner!

Then my dad or mom will knock on the door and slide a special note under my door. It will say, "Dear Stars, We have an ergent message! You are invited to the grammies! Throw on your favorite clothes and get down here for your awards! P.S Brad Pitt is here!!!! (or whatever your daugheters favorite STAR is) Double P.S Grammies are held in living room! Cya there!" For the "Brad Pitt is here!" or whoever, at hollywood mega store they have celeb cutouts! I am gonna take the girls pic by Brad! We will run out looking our best, and that's where my mom does the makeover! We will look gorgeous! Ha ha!

At the grammies my momm and dad will hand out the trophies that they were juding people on. Make sure everyone gets an award, and no one gets two. I bought 12 trophies so each girl got three including me! (That's why parents judge)We will probably head up to blockbuster and rent a movie like, "Bring It On" (we are cheerleaders) I have braces so no popcorn 4 me but everone else will pig out on popcorn! Then one by one people will drift asleep. In the morning we will have a nice breakfast and get dressed, we will probably try to get the make-up off too! HA HA! Then we will hand out goody bags with things us girls like, lipgloss, etc. OH I ALMOST 4GOT!! i am also gonna make a movie!

What ever they deciede to be, like a singer or an actress  we will make a movie (DO NOT FORCE PEOPLE 2 DO SOMETHING IF THEY DON’T WANNA) I have a game called "Kareoke Revolution  " and we will sing to that! We will tape them singing and we will give them copies of the movies to give them a laugh! Also I might make a CD will all of their favorite songs, using i-tunes. I hope ideas float through your mind to help you with your amazing hollywood experience. I hope I helped!!!

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