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Girls Night Party -15yr- Home Spa Night



March 2009


Jeanette in Illinois

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Girls Night Out Party

For my 15th birthday I wanted to do something a little different than what everyone else is doing. And since my big Sweet 16 was next year, I wanted to have a minimum budget. I also wanted to do just an all-girls party, since it had been a while since just my girl-friends and I got together and did girly stuff. So that's why I decided on doing a Girls Only Camp Out/Spa Party. I wanted to combine girly stuff and more tomboyish stuff, and this definetely worked!

INVITES For the invitations I made them on the computer just using Microsoft Word Document. These are a cheap, easy way to make invitations any way you want, and mine turned out really cute! I found some camoflauge/pink paper at Wal-Mart and I loved the way it fit in with my girly/tomboy theme. I printed all my invitations out. They went something like this: YOU'RE INVITED TO NAME'S 15th BIRTHDAY PARTY!   Are you ready to show your girly side AND your tomboy side at the same time? Come to NAME'S house at TIME and be ready for some fun! We'll be camping out at the local camping place, so bring your sleeping bag, pillow, and your warmest pajamas and a flashlight! But before that came as your girly side! Come dressed in your fanciest outfit for a fancy dinner! Then we'll be doing a home spa so bring your robe and slippers! I then told them to RSVP by about a week before the party and then told them the pickup time on Saturday. I sent the invitations out about 2 weeks early so they had time to find a formal dress if they didn't have some. I invited 9 girls so including me we had 10.

DECORATIONS Since the first two hours were going to be eating all fancy I decorated the dining room so it was very elegant. I had a white tablecloth on the table and each place had a silverware a glass wine cup a linen napkin a placemat and a plate. All this stuff was my grandmother's it was all fancy and real and everyone thought it looked really nice. If you can't find real silver and everything then I would suggest looking at secondhand stores online etc. But also at each place was a namecard. This way no one would argue where to sit (which happens a lot so I would suggest doing this!) I also had candles sitting on the table and around the room etc.

For the spa room (aka my basement which worked really well because it has lots of empty space) I had lots of beanbag chairs pillows and I got teacandles and floated them in water. I put up some streamers (I used purple and turquoise) and some balloons but other than that I didn't do a whole lot of decorating.

FOOD For dinner I had my Mom make the three different courses. I made up menus and gave one to each guest and they got to pick what they wanted. For drinks they could pick tea lemonade water or chocolate milk. I had Caesar salad and spinach salad and their choice of eather ranch catalina thousand island or French dressing. And then they could either have lasagna or fettucinni alfredo and a breadstick or Texas toast. For dessert we of course had a birthday cake and homemade ice cream. The cake was from Dairy Queen and I got it done ahead of time with a picture of me and all my friends on it which they did for free and was really cool! And then for snacks I had Lays baked potato chips dip trail mix Tootsie pops Jolly ranchers pretzels and Cheezits.

THE PARTY The guests all arrived at or around 5:00PM and they were greeted at the door by Doorman--my Dad dressed in a tux and with a video camera! They all took their seats and we ate dinner with my Dad videotaping my aunt waitressing and my mom being the cook. After we finished dinner we were originally gonna do cake but we decided against that because we were all too full! So we got into our PJs and went downstairs for the spa part of the night!

Each girl got a facial (done by my aunt who has a makeup book that showed us how to do really amazing facials) pedis (again by my aunt and my mom--we had a footsoak in a tub then lotion then toenails) manis (we soaked our hands did French tips with decals and moisturized them) and then we each made our own face masks. I found a TON of recipes on the internet that used everyday ingredients and I couldn't decide on one so I decided to just lay out the recipes and the ingredients and let everyone make their own! This was a REALLY GOOD IDEA because some girls were allergic to stuff in some recipes and so they didn't have to miss out they just used a different recipe!

We all ended up doing something different and some girls "invented" their own and it was so much fun having it applied to our face and then adding cucumbers to our eyes and just sitting there and talking. We had so much fun that we did it again using different recipes! By the time we were done goofing off it was almost seven and it was getting dark so we all loaded up into my aunt's 15-passenger van and drove out to the local camping/fishing/hunting area. We set up our big 15-person tent and then helped my parents put theirs together and that's when we decided to do cake and presents.

By the time we were done it was 8:30 and was dark so we all played flashlight tag. A few of the girls forgot their flashlight so it would've been a good idea to make sure you have extra flashlights and batteries. After that we just got in our tent and talked goofed off ate junk food and hung out around the fire until everyone was tired. We got up in the morning at 10:00 and we all roasted sausages for breakfast and my mom made breakfast burritos too. For the rest of the afternoon we went boating hiking fishing etc. Around noon we went back to my house where we had a silly string fight  (SO MUCH FUN!) and ate lunch (sandwiches and chips). They all left around 2PM and everyone thought it was an amazing party!

FAVORS So I wasn't going to do a "goody bag" but I finally decided to do one anyway. I got 8 little baskets and filled them with candy (Jolly ranchers Tootsie pops Snickers and Milky Ways) and then a $15 gift certificate to Starbucks. The party was a BLAST!"

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