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Grease Party -14yr- 45 Record Invite



September 2006


ashleigh in Florida


Fifties 50s Party

For my 14th birthday party, I had a Grease party. Here are the steps that you will next to complete the party!

1. You need a theme! For my theme I did a Grease party.

2. Make sure that you have all the decorations: streamers, plates, ballons(wait until the week of the party),Cake(order it a week before),tall milk shake glasses(I had 10 people come to the party and I had 10 glasses for everyone with their name on it),buy photos of the Grease movie or of anyone from the 50's, make a diner sign or a grease sign, and get all types of records like the little ones(45s) and the big one(you can even spray paint them to look like the gold or the silver records), and you can get diner chairs at a thirft store and redo them.

3. Start making a list of how many people you want to invite. Once you have the people you want to invite, get the records(45s) and that will be your invitation. Write in silver marker so people can see it. And if you want to have a true Grease party, make sure that everyone dresses up like they are from thet 50's.

4. Start thinking up games that you want to do at the party: my mom made up this game where you have teams and you have like 5 pairs of converse shoes and one person has a blindfold on and anyother person has to go with them to help pick out the matching shoes. They can only say yes, no, to the right, to the left, up, and down. Then when the person has the matching shoes, they go back to where the rest of the team is and puts the shoes on and hands the blindfold to the next person.

There are 2 teams so you are agasint each other, the first team with all the matching converse shoes on win. Other games you can play are you can have a bubble blowing contest and a hula hoop contest. If you want you can have prizes like candy or cheap prizes like you would get at Dollar Store. At the party, have Grease, Grease2, or any other 50's movie playing in the backgound so people can watch it.

5. For food, I had pizza and chips and dip and candy. But you can have hamburgers and fries. For drinks, I had coke, diet coke, rootbeer, and sprite. I had all my friends make their own rotbeer foats and strawberry milkshakes. Oh and buy lots of ice cream and candy,lol. Have your mom or dad take pictures of everyone throughout the party. Hey maybe you can start a trend like I did. Now all my friends want to have an 80's party, 70's party or a 60's party. Take my advice and have a 50's party! I know it can be a lot of work but it is all worth it in the end. I hope my ideas are great and you will use them!!!

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