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Grease Party -13yr- Bowling Pin Invitations



March 2006


Rose in Bristol


Fifties 50s Party

When my mum suggested I planned by little sister's 13th birthday party I was thrilled as I love designing parties.

My school had just put on a production of the musical "Grease" and Molly loved it so we decided to use this as a theme. We held the party on a Saturday and it lasted from 11.30 - 3.00 which is a long space of time for a party but we had alot to cram in!

We had invitations cut out like 5o's style bowling pins and cut into mini jigsaws. On the pins was written times, places etc. The party was 50s dressing up and Molly had 5 girls and 5 boys (making the numbers of boys and girls equal is a good idea).

The guy's costumes were alot harder than the girls who could just go in poodle skirts and strapped tops but the boys just wore theiir jeans, converse and managed to get hold of tight tops, they all dressed up and looked great! We all met up at the local bowling place and the kids played a couple of games, getting into the spirit of things they named themselves the "pink ladies" and the "T birds", needless to say the pink ladies won. This took up quite a bit of time and when we finished we took them home in our two people carriers.

We then gave the lunch and they were served shoe-string fries and burgers (veggie for the vegetarians) with a bit of salad on the side by my other sister, dressed in a fifties style waitress costume we ordered off the internet. They also had coke floats and strawberry milkshakes to drink in tall glasses with straws followed by ice-cream sundaes they made themselves using neopolitan ice-cream, nuts, smarties, sauces etc.

Whilst they ate they watched the movie Grease and all joined in with their favourite songs. We had decorated our playroom with fifties replica, complete with cardboard juke-box and painting of Elvis. We criss-crossed streamers over the ceiling in pink and black. When "Grease" finished they had a quiz on the movies. We had questions such as "Who is the leader of the pink ladies?" which were really easy.

For the party-bags we gave every kid a box of jelly beans which may not have been very fifties but were very popular!

The party takes quite a lot of preparation and you have to be prepared for a big mess and lots of planning but it’s a blast and my sister tells me its still the best party shes ever had, although it can end up more expensive than you expect, in the end it cost us 150-200 but is well worth it! I hope this helped!

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