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May 2006




Teen Dance Party

Hey I'm Katherine and I'm turning 13 soon! I'm going to have a 70's dance party! I'm sending out invitations on's really cool because you can find a cool layout and get everyone's email addresses etc. and they post comments and stuff. I rented my local community center(not huge but 4 only $5 an hour it was a deal!) and I'm inviting around 60 guys and girls. I 'm having trouble evening out the guys/girls but its better if you do.

My Best Friend's dad is the director of a camp-and the camp has speakers, a disco ball, fog machine, and I'm going to put little lights around the room. Her dad is gonna dress/act like a DJ because he is funny and will do a good job and DJ's are extremely expensive.

We will serve some snacks like chips and salsa, pop, and some fun 70's dishes. Mine is on the last night of school so it will be from 7-10 p.m.

When the guests arrive we will hand them a funky 70's necklace/bracelet and tell them they can't say the word "dance" all night-and if someone catches someone else saying the word "dance" then they get that person's necklace/bracelet. The one with the most necklaces/bracelets @ the end of the night will receive a 70's theme prize.

Other than that we will just dance all night. Music-I have chosen some great songs off of cds and iTUnes and some of them are 70's songs but not all of them because no one would dance to that. I will download them to an iPod nano and my bffs dad will play them from it. I will decorate with balloons and lights and like i said her dad is bringing the rest.

Dress-It will be a costume party so I will come up with a fun 70s costume and bring some extra for people who didn’t have anything etc. Colors-Mostly 70's colors are bright like yellow red orange green blue. Well I gotta go finish planning my party but I think it will be a blast and I hope u got some fun ideas!

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