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Dance Party -13yr- Special Awards



March 2006


Annie in Granville, OH, USA


Teen Dance Party

Heyy! my name is Annie and I am gonna have a dance party/oscar night for my 13th brthday. 

INVITATIONS: are going to be either disco balls or admit one tickets.

PARTY: my dad is going to be a  bouncer standing at the door. there will be a red carpet running from my hallway leading to the  basement. Down in the basement there will be music blasting, people dancing, talking, eating etc. 

There will be special awards (hence the oscars) for best hair, make-up, best dressed, and there will be a  dance contest. The guests can either come in regular clothes or can dress up as their favortie actor/ actress because I have some tomboyish friends.

After about an hour and a hlaf or so of dancing, we  will go up and everyone will change into their bathing suits and swim in my pool and get in my hot- tub. We will play shave the balloon, have water balloon fights, and have a scavenger hunt through  my neighborhood.

SCAVENGER HUNT RULES: there will be either 2 or 3 teams depending on how  many people come. Before the party I will print up a list of what everyone needs to find, ex: one can  tomato soup, one pencil, etc. then they will go to any house they want and find all the items on the  list. After that, we will come back, open presents and eat. The scavenger hunt takes about 30 to 45  min. so it is a good idea if you are ordering pizza to order it then. After you open presents, eat! The  cake is gonna be shaped like a disco ball and will be chocolate..yum!

DECORATIONS: tons of  balloons! Blacklights, strobe lights, disco balls, etc. streamers, the usuall stuff..then we will play  DDR, Kareoke, and Twister and watch TV. Then all the guys will leave. Only a few  of my very closest friends will stay overnight. We will watch scary and happy movies..its kind of like an afterparty for only few people. We will stay up late and talk and play truth or dare..and other  things.

For Breakfast: my mom will probably make us waffles and pancakes and sausage and bacon  and all the works..TIPS: never ever: plan everything that happens at your party..just go with it..if you  stop at a very certain time and say..ok time to this one will have any fun.

ALSO: JUST HAVE  FUN! HAPPY B-DAY!! Hope this helped you!!

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