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Cooking Weekend (15-16yr) Also Limo & A Spa



March 2008


Lecdinaladina in Mexico City, Mexico USA

Honorable Mention

Cooking Baking Party


FRIDAY... So my girlies came over and we first did cooking projects with my sister, who is a major in culinarly arts! Each girl had a station at our round table with included a placemat, butter knife, sharper knife, three spoons, a measuring cup, a set of four different bowls, small throw away pans etc... The first thing we made was a cookie cake.

This is what my sister had us do.. we had a small bowl full of milk and each group of shared a sleeve of plain, sort of biscuit-y cookies, a chocolate sort of paste, and a pot of melted chocolate chips in the middle. Then we made layers, biscuit cookies dipped in milk, chocolate paste, melted chocolate, chocolate paste, biscuit cookies, melted chocolate etc... Then we let it sit for a while so the cookies become soft and it was delicious! 

The second thing we made was homemade pretzels! We were given the dough and then we rolled out coils with our hands and once we had made our shape, we spread oil across the top and of course added mucho mucho salt. Then we popped them in the oven!  The third thing we made was chocolate crisps. These were so easy! We each picked what kind of chocolate we wanted to have... with peppermint sticks? nuts? almonds? butterfingers? or peanuts? then we crushed up whatever we chose and melted chocolate so it was still in its form but very melted. then we put these ingrediants on wax paper and rolled and smushed in the toppings until they were very thin and flat and then they were frozen!  This was a blast! It took about an hour and at this point it was about 7pm.

Next was a big suprise, a limO RIDE. This was incredible. My mom handed me a bag with a bikini and towel and we walked outside to find a LIMOOOO. and my sister came to look after us! we went to a BEACH that was about 45 minutes away but because we were in a limo it felt like 5 minutes. Then we stayed at the beach playing in the cool, nice water and running along the sand, making a bonfire, roasting marshmellows, building castles, & star gazing until about 1030 when the limo picked us up and brought us home! This was by far my favorite part of the party! Because it was night time, it was even better. I highly reccommend this. The limo cost around 75$ for an hour & a half of driving. 

Then we came home and my parents had set up a little dancing party for us! This was so much fun! They put up disco balls, streamers, and our stereo in the garage and invited more of my guy and girl friends over to dance the night away! What an incredible surprise!! All they had to do was move the stereo to the garage and put out some chip and drink bowls because I had already decorated the garage with streamers. Everyone was gone by 12. This was the limit. About 15 of my other friends came to dance!  Then my friends and I went upstairs and stayed up till about 2am which my mum expected so she left ANOTHER SURPRISE, how amazing is she? She gathered up all the cakes and snacks we made that day and laid them out for a midnight snack! I had SUCH AN AMAZING TIME AND THAT WAS DAY ONE! 

SATURDAY My mom woke us up at 10am for another full day!

For breakfast, we chose different fruits and my mom blended them together to make smoothies! This was really nice. 

Next, my mom drove us for a day at the spa. My father owns a spa so all these treatments were free (or very very discounted) but alternative activities could be swimming at pool, bowling, shopping hunts, etc So from about

11am - 2 pm we rotated through the spa to get a series of treatments that included: manicure, pedicure, massage, facial, hair styling, and makeup. Everyone looked so beautiful. Some girls had never had any of these treatments done before, it was my first time also! 

2pm- 330pm- Next my mom drove us to a mall and the girls were told to bring some shopping money so we went to pick out new clothes to go with our looks.

330- 5pm- My mom set up sheets as backgrounds and we had a photo shoot! I HAD SUCH AN AMAZING TIME.

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