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Peanut Butter/Chocolate -13yr- Jiff Jar Invitations



March 2008


Jae Mi in St. Paul, Minnesota,U.S


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My two favorite things in the world are Peanut Butter and Chocolate (PB&C), so I decided to have that as a theme for my 13th B-Day party. 

INVITATIONS: I invited 4 people, so my mom bought 4 small Jiff Peanut Butter containers at the store. She scooped out ALL of the peanut butter and then hand-washed them. On a piece of black paper with silver gel pen I wrote all of the typical info for a party (It was a sleepover). I put the paper into the peanut butter jars and filled the remaining space with Reeses. I put the lid on and handed them out at school. 

PARTY: My mom picked me and my other friends up from school and then we went to a mall near my house. At the mall there is a store called Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and a restuurant called P.B. Loco. We went to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory first. We tasted all of their best chocolate and ate TONS of chocolate covered strawberries.

After that we went to P.B. Loco. P.B. Loco is basically a resturant that serves nothing but peanut butter. We tasted all of the gourmnet peanut butter and a few peanut butter smoothies, which were very good.

After those two things we went back to my house. We ordered pizza, watched movies and played games. In the morning we had waffles with chocolate and beanut butter as toppings. While we ate we watched the video of the party (my mom had been taping parts of the party). 

SNACKS: Of course, I had everything PB&C, so the snacks were Reeses, chocolate covered strawberries, peanut butter pie and anything else having to do with PB&C. We also had popcorn and other varieties of candy during the movie. 

DECORATIONS: My two favorite colors are pink and green, so all of the decorations were pink and green. We had streamers, balloons, TONS of confetti and all of the plates, cups, napkins etc. were pink and green, too. My mom put up a huge Happy 13th Birthday" banner up in the living room and one outside on our deck. 

PARTY BAGS: My mom found cute brown and black striped paper bags at Wal-Mart and bought gold ribbon handwritten) candy lip gloss confetti and a $5 gift card to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We tied the handles together with the gold ribbon and put the girl's name on them in gold gel pen.

This was the BEST party I have ever had and I hope you enjoy it too."

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