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Viva Las Vegas -14yr- Everyone Signs Banner



October 2007


Sully in Wimington NC USA


Teen Casino Party

My 14th birthday was 4 months away when I got this great idea! VIVA LAS VEGAS! I've always liked poker and card games so this seemed like fun! All my friends loved it. I invited boys and girls.

INVITES: I printed the famous Las Vegas sign, you know, the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" on glossy paper. After that I put silver glitter. They were hand delivered.

LOCATION: I held my party at a club called "Club Vida". It has a dance floor lounge and bar. It is relitively inexpensive. Any dance hall or place with a dance floor will work though.

DECORATIONS: This was easy. Club Vida already has a bar and looks very cool. All I had to do is get balloons[I chose black silver and red available at any party store] and I also had a paper banner made [from party suppliers] that said "VIVA LAS VEGAS! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SULLY!" it was very cheap. Oh and I had a few of my dad's big friends dress nicely and act as bouncers.

FOOD: Pizza soda cake end of story. Pizza isn't that expensive neither is soda. My mom made a 3 tier cookie cake. It had red and white icing. And I bought some dice and threw them on there. [Don't worry; they were clean!]

THE PARTAYYY: There was lots of music and dancing. In between all that we played volleyball [with balloons] had a dance contest a magician and played other random games like freeze dance. Oh! And we also had a best dressed award. [This did NOT include the birthday girl or any close friends. We were the panel of judges. That was to avoid hurt feelings] The prize was movies gift certificate.

After all the guests arrived we pulled down the banner and hung it on the wall. Markers were available for guests to sign it with. That was cool to have later. I almost forgot the coolest part. My mom and I made a backdrop. We used the plywood and painted it silver. I painted "VIVA LAS VEGAS SULLY'S 14TH" on it. My mom acted as a photographer and everyone got a cool picture for the thank you cards.

THE END: Everyone absolutely loved the party. It's still talked about."

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