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Vegas Party -14yr- T-Shirt Decorating



February 2007


Elizabeth in AZ

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Teen Casino Party

 For my fourteenth birthday party, I'm hosting a party themed A Night in Vegas." It's sure to be a night everyone will remember. After all What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

DECORATIONS: Buy balloons streamers cups plates and napkins all of your basic party needs in the assorted colors of red black and silver. Maybe throw in a little green also. At party city I'm buying a table cloth and matching ceiling dalnglers that have cards and poker chips on them. Small bags of glittery cut outs are also a great thing to just sprinkle on any table top for a quick decoration fix. You may want to consider that they are messy beforwe you buy them though. I'm borrowing a strobe light and a fog machine from my parents' friends for my living room. It's fun to dance in.

For our kitchen we're setting up small card tables with enough seats for everyone and placing a table cover over them. Throw on some of that small confetti cut-outs and light a candle in the middle. If you can even dim the lights for a cool high end resturaunt feel. Our kid room will be lightly turned into a theater for movies later on.

FOOD: We'll be having the ever-so-popular pizza and also some small meat and cheese combinations and chips and dip. Dry ice in your root beer in the center of the table is always a must. For the cake well in my case cupcakes we'll be buying a square cupcake pan and baking them ourselves. Frost them with white and add squirts of black icing to make them all look like dice. One candle will be stuck in each one and given to all of the guests to light and blow out themselves.

GAMES: We'll be playing the human slot machine. To play buy a box of runts. Divide your guests in half and give each person a runt. Oee half of the guests will sit in chairs and the other standees with stand in front of a friend. The chair person will raise their arm after placing the runt on their tongue and the stander will pull the arm down to reveal a runt. If it matches the one that the standing guest has they will receive five tickets. (read on about tickets)

TICKETS: I'm purchasing a roll of tickets from office max. I'm having my brother stand at the front door in a tuxedo as the doorman. He will take each guest's bag individually and give them 10 tickets for themselves at the party. To play each game at the party they must pay two tickets. If they lose they don't get any back if they win a game they get five back. It's our own little way of gambling. At the end tickets can be raffled for prizes and can buy some candy and soda at the movie later on.

FREE TIME: Free time will occur inbetween activities where they can roam around Vegas purchasing sparkling apple cider drinks with their tickets snacking on food in the kitchen or "dining hall" dancing playing pool by gambling their tickets or just about anything.

DANCING: At a certain point in the party I will gather everyone to the living room dance floor and crank up the music. Glow sticks will be handed out. (it looks cool in the fog and strobe light) Try getting songs like A little less conversation remix by Elvis or another by Elvis called Viva Las Vegas. New songs always work too.

TEE SHIRTS: During another period of time at the party sometime after dinner when the tables are cleared off I'll call the guests to the kitchen and hand out blank white tee shirts you can buy at Joannes or any other craft store. Sharpies fabric markers and puffy paint can be used to decorate their shirts. Great sayings because these will aslo be the favors are ones like "I partied with ___________" "I spent Friday in Vegas" or "What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas."

NIGHTTIME: After the evenings activities we will migrate to the hot tub we have outside to relax and wind down. Afterwards we'll slip into our PJs and watch a movie. Anything goes that's new movie wise. Let the guests purchase candy and sodas then serve popcorn for free.

MORNING: Raffle off small prizes. Try the dollar section at Target or the party store for small goodies. If you want to make a few copies of the CD from the party and make covers for it and raffle that off. This party is suitable for many guests and I hope you liked it. The budget doesn't have to be too large either just first try to borrow things before going out and buying them yourself. I just hope I inspired a little bit of your next party."

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