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Asian Martial Arts Party -13yr- Tae-Kwon-Do Teacher



April 2009


Catherine in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Honorable Mention

World Culture Party

For my party, I wanted something that was different and unique. I go to a tae-kwon-do, so i thought that would be fun to incorporate. I choose 8 people to invite, because that was the minimum number needed for a party at tae-kwon-do.

INVITATION: I took some scrapbook paper that had karate in the background (found at Michaels craft store) and cut it up into little squares. I put red paper on top of it and wrote in white pen/marker, so that it would show up. On it I wrote Hiya! Please come to [insert name here]'s 13th birthday! We will have a korean/chinese theme! Bring some workout clothes and your sleepover things. Then I wrote the date time place and to get ready for some fun!" 

DECORATIONS: I kept this fairly simple. I hung up red white and blue ballons. I made a 'sleeping area' with extra sleeping bags pillows and blankets. This was going to be where we sleep. I had a red white and blue table clothe for the table where we were going to have cake. 

PARTY: When the guests arrived I let them put their things in the sleeping area. Then I told them to get changed in one of our bathrooms into their workout clothes. Beforehand I had gone to my tae-kwon-do and asked if they would do an hour self-defense class. I explained that  most of my friends would laugh and giggle at each other and themselves. This is because my tae-kwon-do school is big on respect so I made sure beforehand that they knew we were going to have a private class with 8 13 year old girls.

Once everyone had arrived my mom drove us to the tae-kwon-do school. We got there and they were really nice and friendly to us. We did the class for an hour and it was hilarious! But also it was useful to have a general idea of what to do if we were ever in trouble. We had to yell so that was pretty funny to watch. At the end of the class my instructor let each of us break a board. My friends each had a thin one then my instructor got a thick one and I did my breaking kick to it and impressed all my friends. We got to each keep the board we broke.

After it was done we got back in the car and drove home. In the 'sleepover area' (which was my family room with a tv) we put in Kung-Fu panda to tie in with the theme. **The food ties in with the party so I'll put it in the party section** Halfway through that my dad had gone out and got Chinese food at a local restaurant. We kept the movie on and ate chinese food with the chopsticks provided. We ate our fortune cookie and had a laugh at our fortune.

We finished watching the movie and went to see what my mom had planned. I had gone online with my mom beforehand and looked up how to do your hair like you see Chinese woman do with the two chopsticks in a bun. (I found how to do it on yahoo answers) My mom printed this out and did it to each of us. We took a picture of all of us with our hair like that. We provided a hand held fan to each girl and we took some pictures of each girl by herself with the fan. We then had another group picture with the fan and our hair in the bun.

After that we had the cake on the red white and blue table. I looked and looked for cake ideas and finally found this one I thought it would be really cool so my mom did her best to make it. We sang happy birthday and ate cake.

After cake I opened up my birthday presents from my friends. Now it was pretty late at night so my brothers went to bed and we went back to the sleepover room. This has nothing to do with my theme however I have a giant tub of Jelly Beans and I played some games with them. I had a guess the flavor game. I also printed off some 'combinations' of jelly beans. We had fun trying all of these especially the gum on the bottom of the shoe one. (Search google for combinations and you will find loads!) We did this until we all fell asleep. In the morning we woke up at about 9. My dad went to get some donuts and we had donuts orange juice milk and fruit for breakfast. Then everyone got dressed and parents came to pick them up.

FAVORS: In the goody bags I gave each friend a tae-kwon-do key chain the pictures we took the night before (My dad choose one-hour delivery for the photos and picked them up in the morning at Wal-Mart)some lip-gloss and a mini bag of jelly beans.

This was an amazing party that I'll never forget! I think my friends will love it! Hope you got some great ideas- it was truly unique!!"

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