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Survivor Party -13yr- Orange or Pink Team



April 2010


Debby in Odenton, Maryland, United States


Survivor Party

I was turning 13 and I was looking for a birthday party theme that wasn't to boring..or too messy. I was dealing with 10 13 year olds, so of course I had to find something appropriate. :) I wasn't to fond of bowling parties or skating parties like that..instead, I chose Survivor. I loved that show. To begin with, I found a cute little pineapple picture and then I brought it over to Picnik and edited it. I first put, You are invited to Debby's 13th Birthday Party!". Then I put the party information following `who-what-when-where`. I decided to have my birthday party at my house since it was in June. I planned to stay outside most of the party time. Me and my parents decorated the house with Green and Brown Streamers..and we bought some inflatable palm trees and monkeys.

We placed some indoors and outdoors. I bought a turquoise table cloth jungle-themed plates napkins and utensils and some balloons all at the dollar store. When each of the friends arrived I welcomed them with a Lei. When all 10 friends arrived we sat down in my basement and I explained to them what was going to happen. I had to make sure it was going to take up all 4 party hours. I then passed out 10 balloons (all different colors) and inside each balloon was a sheet of paper that said "Orange Team" or "Pink Team" (my favorite colors). When they all got on their teams I let them chose their team names. (it was pretty hilarious)..The Pink Team chose "Pinky Linky Doo" and the Orange Team chose "Orange Gloop". (I have to say they were pretty creative. Haha) After I explained to them the first challenge.

[Challenge #1;  What's Your Name?] I layed out 10 cards and they were all names in hawaiian. My friends had to guess which one was their name--in hawaiian. Each time they got it wrong the lost a point. -and when they got it right they gained 5 points. It was pretty fun and a lot of my friends had no clue. We had lunch after that We had fruit kabobs Caesar Salad Chicken and Rice and some Pizza (cheese).

[Challenge #2;   Puzzle Party] I gave each team a box of puzzle pieces (50 pcs ea.) They were all purchased from the dollar store. They all had to put the puzzle together in 5 minutes first team that got it done gained 20 points and had their name drawn into a hat (for later). It was fun and I had it on tape too! The Pink Team tried to fool me and place random puzzle pieces everywhere (haha).

[Challenge #3;   Scavenger Hunt] Before the party started me and friend layed out 50 animal bracelets (that you can purchase from 5&below party city or your nearest pharmacy for about 2 or 3 bucks) around the house and outside. It was pretty hard because I couldn't even remember where I hid them! Each team had 10 minutes to find as many as possible. When the 10 minutes were over I had to count how many each team found..the Orange Team won again. :) They found 34 out of 50! (they got to keep the bracelets and split it up however)

[Challenge #4;  Say it-don't lose it!]. For this Challenge they had to choose a representative. I printed 2 sheets full of nonsense words (apple,pig,mississippi,etc..) before the party and handed them to the representatives. Each representative had to read me the page of words--and if they messed up or didn't say it right they had to start over. I timed them with my timer at the end..the team with the less time won.

[Challenge #5; Love Knocks You Down] This Challenge was fun and non-violent. I placed 2 stools (2 Foot High) in my basement and covered the flooring with foam pieces sponge and bubble wrap (the ones for packaging)..I then gave each representative a pillow. (a 1.8 foot pillow) and they had to knock eachother off. It was best out of it was fun. They had no "special" gear or anything. After that Challenge we all sat down for a snack. We had fruit kabobs (pineapple honey dew, mango, watermelon, and grape) and chips and fruit punch. I also made Coconut Water out of REAL coconuts and put a silly straw in it. Most of my friends loved it..there was 1 friend that was allergic, which was no big deal. :) We spent about 20 minutes on snack and talked about the party. We had one more challenge and it was fun and wet!!

[Challenge #6; On Your Marks..Get WET..GO!] I provided each team with 100 Water Balloons (it was a torchure putting water in them but I had help from a few of my friends)..So it was a total of 200 Water Balloon Remains to pick up! -but I had a special challenge for that..(no points rewarded though). Each team had to get the other team wet using the water balloons. At the end whoever got the wet most..lost. It turned out to be that both teams were SOAKING WET! So we spent about a half an hour outside and picking up all the water balloon remains. I had a special prize for the person who picked up the most.

At the end of the challenge we all went upstairs to my family room and opened presents. Then we had cake my cake was amazing. It was a 7 layer cake (vanilla) made by my mom. It had a waterfall on it (real water) and some hawaiian flowers. She also placed my name in hawaiian on it. It was amazing. For party favors I gave out mini beach balls that contained candy inside. I don't know how they got them out..but they were pretty hyper the next day. :) It was a blast I was happy. My 13th Birthday was definitely a Birthday to remember."

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