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Survivor Party -13yr- Tug Of War



March 2008


Melody in Canada

Honorable Mention

Survivor Party

For my 13th birthday I had a survivor theme.

For the invitations I printed them on the computer and put palm trees on it.

When the 10 girls (including me) arrived they put the presents on a table. The main floor was decorated with green streamers everywhere and palm trees. Since everybody knew each other we started the games. First we picked the teams out of a hat; the two teams were called the Tiki Wiki Tribe and the Aloha Tribe. The Tiki wiki's were blue and the Aloha tribe was green. After the teams were chosen they had time to create their team flag. Then we hung them outside to fly in the wind.

Next all of us created a t shirt to go with and support your team.  Then it was survivor time.

The following games were played in the party: 

1)Sling shot: We set up blue and green cans. The blue team had to hit down the green cans, and the green team had to hit down the blue team. E.g.: If blue team hit a blue can it would be +10 points. If they hit a green can it was 5 points.

2)Pasta surprise: In this game we got a big bowl of cooked cold pasta and put it in a bowl. 4 snakes and 3 plastic animals were put and mixed into the pasta. The person was blindfolded and the team members could direct them by words to find the toys. The fastest team got 50 points and the loser got 25 points.

3)What food is it? In this game each person was given a certain kind of food and they had to guess what it was blindfolded. Whoever guessed correctly got +10 points. Loser got +0

4)Tug-o-war We went out and bought a thick rope for tugging. 3 members of each team tugged until they pulled each other over the line. Winner got +35, loser got +10

5)Treasure hunt   my sister organized clues put around the block and we went in our teams. We had to find each clue and the next clue would tell you where to find the treasure. There was 1 big treasure box for the winning team, and a smaller prize for the losers. Winners= +55, losers= +25

6)Food eating contest We put out two halves of a watermelon on two tables. One person on each team went up to eat the watermelon as fast as possible. The core had to be pretty clean to. The winner got +100 and the loser got +75

7)Water balloon fight   This is weird it got a bit messy. The guests were dressed either in their swimsuits or clothing. (they brought a change of clothes) Which ever team was the driest when the 10-20 minutes ended, won. Winner=150 points. Loser=100 points

8)Easter egg Hunt    this is the yummy part! No points were awarded here. Each member received a small basket to put their eggs in. Small and big eggs were hidden around the lot and on the main floor. We had 20 minutes to look around. There was a BIG egg hidden somewhere too. 

9)Whe's the food? In this game we put out a big tub of water and one person from each team was nominated. The nominated people had to stick their face in the water and try to grab the 3 apples with their mouth.

10)Egg Target   We hung up a big piece of cardboard shaped like a target. The guests stood behind the sidewalk and got 10 points for each egg they scored. Each person got 3 eggs to throw. 

11)Pinata   bought a nice fat nata. We got blind folded and hit the pinata with a baseball bat. WE gave out brown paper bags and the guests picked up the candy as it fell. 

That was all the challenges. The winning team got a prize, and then we had a snack break in between too. After this we had some pizza and pop and cake! Finally we opened presents and the guests went home with all their chocolate.   

FOOD For the drinks we got cut coconuts in half and skinned them in to a cup. Then we got bendy straws and small paper umbrellas. The drinks were fruit punch and pop.

For food we had a big fruit platter, nachos and dipping, and some munchies. We served the pizza on Green Island looking plates with matching napkins. There was also beach colored jello!  

MAIN FLOOR I got lots of green and red and orange and blue streamers and hung them up everywhere. I also got these cool paper and inflatable palm trees. I got bamboo and put them on the walls to make it look survivor e like! We also got Hawaiian flowered necklaces for everybody. 

PEOPLE  I bought these hula stringy skirts and bandanas that resembled the team colours. 

OTHER/OUTSIDE For the invitations I printed it off the computer and then burnt the edges to look like it was survival time! Outside we bought 4 torches and stuck them in the ground. We put mysterious music in the living room as well. We added a green tablecloth and confetti on the Tiki bar. We had a Tiki bar where there were snacks. Pizza was served and they ate outside or in. We also did a limbo game outside! Balloons of green, orange, red and blue were hanging around the walls and floor.

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