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Scavenger Hunt Party -13yr- Hunt at the Mall!



January 2007


Kaley in Hartford, Connecticut   USA


Scavenger Hunt Party

For my 13th birthday party I wanted to do something that didn't cost a lot of money. I also wanted to find an idea that would be fun to do with a lot of friends. I decided to have a mall scavenger hunt party!

INVITATIONS: Because I love arts and crafts I went to the craft store and bought lots of stickers. Then I personolized each card with stickers that resembled each of my friends. On the outside of the card I wrote in big fancy letters MALL SCAVENGER HUNT PARTY and on the inside I decorated around the time, date, and other details with stickers for each of my friends (example: on of my friends loves to dance so I decorated the inside of her card with musical notes and ballet slippers)

DECORATIONS: the decorations for my party were simple. I picked my 2 favorite colors (purple and white) and decorated my whole house with purple and white streamers, balloons, and banners.

PARTY: My party started on a Friday at 1:10 while we were all in school. I had my mom talk to my 3 best friend's parents and they agreed that my mom could pick us up from school early. The best part was, none of my friends knew anything about it! When they were all called down to the office they were very excited and surprised! Then we went to the mall and ordered a cake. Then we went around and picked up all of my other friends (who did not get picked up early) from their houses.

We all went back to my house. That night I had all my friends sleep over. For dinner we had pasta (my favorite food) and pizza for anyone who didn’t like pasta. All night we danced, had a silly string fight, played truth or dare, and watched a movie. We all set our sleeping bags out in the living room.

When we woke up we went upstairs and the whole upstairs was transferred into a spa. (I did this all when they were sleeping) We did our nails, hair and makeup and got ready to go to them mall. On our way there we stopped at dunkin donuts for breakfast.

At the mall we were split up into 3 even teams of 4. We were then given a list for our scavenger hunt (my mom made up the list so I wouldn’t know any of it). Each team had a digital camera, and $20.00. then a timer was set and all the teams were off. Here is a copy of the list:

1. Go to a store and ask for a bag (to put eveything you collect in)

2. Go to one of the big department stores and find a blue gift card with a dog on it

3. have a complete stranger take a picture of all 4 of you together

4. Each person has to try on a prom dress from macy's

5. Write down the ingredients to a Tropical Balst smoothie

6. Get a sample of perfume called Lili

7. Ride the carosel once

8. Go into limited too and buy a gumball

9. Go into icing and buy a surprise bag (they will ask you for a password, say MONKEY)

10. get paint sample #311 from Sears (it is a bluish shade)

11. Have macy's do your makeup for you

When everyone was done with the scavenger hunt the winning team got King size candy bars. Then everyone went up to the food court for lunch and smoothies.

This was the absolute best birthday party that I ever had, it has been 5 months and my friends still cant stop talking about it.

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