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Project Runway Party -14yr- Sketch & Create



June 2008


Taylor in Grand View, ID USA


Runway Fashion Designer Party

For my 14th birthday, I am having a party centered around the idea of Project Runway.


Challenge 1 - Sketch and Create

Challenge 2 - Fashion Hunt

Challenge 3 - Minis Everywhere

Challenge 4 - Who's Dress is who's

Challenge 5 - Fashion Always Runway Show.

In Challenge 1, my friends will be split into teams. They will work together to sketch out an outfit design, and then create it using fabric that I have gathered, and of course a sewing machine, scissors, ect.

In Challenge 2, we will all be given a list of chlothing items to hunt for outside. The one with the most items wins a prize.

Challenge 3 is so silly. I called it a Challenge just for fun, but we are going to make our own mini pizzas. These can be made by using english muffins, pizza sauce, cheese, and any other toppings you may want to include.

In Challenge 4, a little bit of preparation is needed. Find a few magazines with lots of celebs in dresses. Then cut out the dresses and label on the back 1,2,3,4, ect. Then on a separate piece of paper write the celebs' names along with the number you wrote on the back of the pictures.

The last Challenge is when the models" from the first challenge put on the outfits and do a runway show.

Of course you want everyone else to have fun too

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