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June 2001


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Quinceanera Party

This can be used for both sweet sixteen and quinceañera (I used for sweet sixteen) Special Traditions for Your Quinceañera By Monica

Your quinceañera will be one of the most memorable experiences you will ever have. Planning it requires time, patience and sacrifice. It is important that you manage your time carefully. If you plan early, your quinceañera will be a beautiful and special moment for you, family and friends. 

Every quinceañera is unique, even though they follow some of the same traditions. It's not the material aspects of the quinceañera that made each one special, the traditions make each beautiful and memorable. Here are a few that you might find helpful. 

Escort and couples-One of the best parts about planning your quinceañera is the fact that you get to choose the people that you want in your ceremony. Usually, you have twenty-nine of your closest friends or relatives in the ceremony. You pair them off into fourteen couples.

Each couple represents one year of your life. Your closest male friend should be your escort. However, he does not walk you down the aisle of the church ceremony. Your escorts down the aisle are usually your parents. The reason for this is that at the beginning of the ceremony, you are still a child and are therefore not to be escorted by a boy. 

Porcelain doll-Another quinceañera tradition is the presentation of the doll to your younger sister. During your reception, you call for the attention of your guests and explain to them the tradition of the doll. You then present your younger sister with a porcelain doll. This symbolizes that you are now ready to move on to the next stage of your life-becoming a young lady.

As you perform this, you are not only leaving the doll to your sister, you are also leaving her your childhood.  Changing of the shoes-After the presentation of the doll, you follow with the changing of the shoes. During the church ceremony, you wear flat shoes without a heel because you are still a child.

At the reception, you once again call for the attention of your guests. At this time, your father changes your shoes from flats to heels. This symbolizes that your father accepts your change from a child to a young lady. Once you are wearing your heels, you are now recognized as a young lady.  First dance-You dance your first dance as a young lady with your father because he has always been the man in your life. The song you dance to is usually a slow song. The lyrics should have special meaning to the relationship you have with your father.

After the dance with your father, he then hands you over to dance with your escort.  These are just a few of the many traditions that take place in quinceañeras around the world. Remember, start early and manage your time. It is important that you take one day at a time and don't stress out over trying to get everything done at one time. As long as you plan well, your quinceañera will be a beautiful experience that you will never forget.    Here is a list of things you can change to fit what you want 

One year before your 15/16th birthday  Determine your party theme or style and budget with your parents  Choose your escort, damas and chambelanes  Book ceremony and reception sites  Book caterer, photographer, florist, videographer, bakery, transportation, ceremony and reception music 

9 months before  Begin shopping for your dress and accessories  Choose and order damas' dresses and accessories  Book rental services  Meet with ceremony officiant  Choose escort's and chambelanes' formal wear  Begin guest list  6 months before  Draft ceremony and reception outlines  Begin practicing the waltz  Choose decorations and music for both ceremony and reception  Select and order invitations and stationery  Reserve hotel rooms for out-of-town guests  Arrange first fittings and alterations for dresses  3 months before 

Finalize guest list  Meet with hairstylist  Start addressing invitations  Order tuxedos for escort and chambelanes  2 months before  Mail invitations  Start preparing your speech to thank your family  Final fittings and alterations for dresses  Choose and prepare programs (optional) and favors 

One month before  Schedule hairstylist appointment for party day  Schedule manicurist appointment for day before party  2 weeks before  Confirm guest total with caterer  Prepare reception seating chart and/or placecards  Confirm arrangements with bakery, decorator, officiants, florist, photographer, transportation, ceremony and reception music 

One week before  Have dress pressed  Practice your thank-you speech  One day before  Pick up tuxedos  Have nails done  Decorate ceremony and reception sites (if necessary)  Get plenty of sleep!  YOUR SPECIAL DAY!

 Eat a healthy breakfast  Have hair and makeup done  Relax and have fun!

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