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Interplanetary Pool (13-15yr) Planet Pepto Bismal



January 2008


Emily in Victoria, Canada

Honorable Mention

Teen Pool Party

For my party I have decided to do an Alien/Glowing/pool party. It sounds complicated, but it's not (well maybe a little).  To smart of from the beginning, I am a party freak, and every year try to do something better then the last. Since my family has only a small party budget, if I want a big party I have to share it with my sister. So while searching for a clever party idea, I stumbled upon the Idea for a Planet Splash Party¬Ě, the title kicked at the back of my head, and I immediately clicked on the link.

 Unfortunately Planet slash is just a water park, but the idea set the gears in my head spinning. I thought about a lighted pool, glow sticks, constellation maps, pink hair, antenna, and a bunch of my favorite Science Fiction movies. So I decided to incorporate them all.

I start of by begging my dad to get a pool light for about twenty bucks, which succeeded. Then for the last couple of months I have been searching for a used constellation chart, or star map. (The ones the light up the room with stars.) Finally I found one at the second hand store, it was tattered and old, but it worked. Then me, and my sister made up the guest list for about eight kids, they where all sleeping over.

I designed custom invites on the computer, they read as follows Princess Pinkina (translated Emily) of the Pepto Bismal Planet, and her good friend Citrus (Translated Victoria) of the big orange Fuzzy planted; invite you to attend their 15th, and 13th birthday celebrations. This year the event will be held on earth, and just to keep our visit unknown, we'll meet in area 51 (our address) at 8:30 at night to 11:00 the next day, besides it's not like the governments not expecting us. Remember to dress, like they do on your home planet (and stuff to sleep over). Anyway send a laser signal to (phone number) to let us prepare for your interplanetary arrival. Careful going thought those black holes. Peace out. 

Most of our friends our just as silly, as me and my little sister so they all played along, we gave the invites out in person, and it was a hoot, just seeing there faces. But the funniest part had to be shopping for costumes, we went to all the local second hand stores, looking for ugly retro clothes, we tried on everything. Our best friend, had a bunch of wigs so we each chose one, to go with our costume. We looked ridiculous; it was awesome! Then after hours of brushing wigs in front of the TV we decided too go food shopping.

First our mom being the sensible one made a list of food we were going to get. Such as lots of Jell-O, fruit juice, soda (in bottles), creamsicles, and canned fruit, as well as whipping cream for breakfast, to be eaten with waffles, and berries. (The party was after supper so we didn't need mush food.) We also got a bunch of party supplies like cups, plates, napkins, and a heck of a lot of glow sticks. There was a bunch of other stuff we did pre party that I don't remember, but let's move on.

When the guests arrived in the awesome costumes, they got in, but if the didn't ware a costume, they got there hair sprayed green, and given antennae. But if someone in costume wanted the same treatment they got it. Everyone was given a glow stick, but they couldn't break it, yet. That part was really fun, but the whole party was still ahead. They area they first walked into was decorated in all black with a black curtain hiding the party area; we hung out there for a while. When the all the guest's arrived, we walked under the curtain into the party room my sister told them that when they were on the other side they could break the glow sticks, it was all dark then suddenly my dad turned on the power and the hole back yard lighted up, it was so pretty, and really got all the girls excited. Then we fell upon the yard. Our pool was of course all lighted up, and there where tubes floating around in the pool.

There was a Glow-eoke machine (Karaoke), and a table with all the food, next to it was a bar, with fruit juice and pop, so kids could mix there own drink. The house door was open, and we told the girls to follow the arrows to the bathroom/change room (this room was lighted.) Also inside we had laid out our multi player games so kids could play against each other. Outside the music blared. Before the party I had put all our favorite songs on a CD, that we could listen too the whole party without worrying about it. We partied for what seamed a majority of the night, but when your glow stick ran out you had to be inside other wise, the night security guard would get you, but we ended up getting tired at going inside long before the glow sticks went out.

Then my mom and dad took what could be stolen, or be eaten inside while we watched sci-fi / space movies. Here are the ones we could choose from Stardust, Lost in Space, AI artificial intelligence, Galaxy quest, Transformers, and the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. We also turned on the star map. In the morning we woke up, ate waffles, and cake (cakes my favorite breakfast!) Then we opened presents because we forgot the day before. The party was a total blast, and no one wanted to go home, when their parents came. My friends still talk about it, and it only cost like $150. We had so mush fun, and I hope your party is just as fun. Just remember to keep it original, and not care about what anyone else says, or does.

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