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Red Carpet Party -13yr- Personalized Swag Bag



July 2010


Dana in Valencia, California, United States


Award Show Oscar Party

For my 13th birthday I decided to do a red carpet theme. I had a budget of $150 on the party including food. The colors I used were red, black and gold. I only invited 9 of my closest friend.

INVITATIONS: I made m invittions on The invitations were to be emailed and it turned our really coolthe tital said: walk the redcarpet at -----'s 13th birthday party !!!!. I would suggest making an account it's easy and really helpful. U can choose a setting that makes the invitation unabled to be forward so other people that weren't invited won't fell bad. Also in the email u can include a map to your house and they can reply right away by pressing yes no or maybe. It turns out everyone could come. I asked one friend to come 2 hours early to help set up. This was really fun and we took a lot ofbefor party" pictures.

DECORATIONS:When she got here we first went to the dollar store and got 5 red black and gold helium ballons to tie to the bottom of the stair case. I ordered the rest of the decorations on and they came a couple days befor the party.

DECORATIONS: I ordered a lot of decorations so I spent a total of $75 on the website but u can easily spend $20 if your not looking for a lot of decorations. I also got really pretty centerpiece from the dollar store. For the entrance I got a yard sake for $3.99 that says VIP parking. Tonight only.

I got two rolls of red carpet for $5.99 each with a total of 30 ft. I put some of the red carpet on the steps leading to my frount door. I also put some old Christmas light along the red carpet. When they came inside inside there was a red carpet leading to the party room(my living room/kitchen.

As soon as they walked inside I gave each guest a pair of shutter shade for when they walk the red carpet and there was a flashing strobe light to look like camera flashes. I got the shutter shades $7.99 for a dozen! There were movie cutouts and posters everywhere.

At the end of the red carpet I had a fan and I was taking there picture as they posed. The pictures turned out great some were really funny!!! There was a silver finge curtain at the door of the party room that was 8 ft long an only $5.49!

PARTY SNACKS: for snacks I had water lemonade coke dr pepper and sprite for drinks. I also had a bucket of red vines a fruit platter a vegetable platter sugar frosting cookies brownie bites and three different kinds of chips.

ACTIVITIES: When they got inside I had music playing and a table with a black table cloth and a center piece with 12 large tote bags and fabric markers. Tote bags:$7.99 a dozen. Fabric markers:$3.99 for eight. My friends and I had fun decorating them and signing them for each other.

After that we make willy wonks cupckes. I got two sets that make a total of 16 cupcakes in kits that come with everything u need to make themm these kits were $3.99 each!!! We got really messy so after wards we grabbed our tote bags and went outside for the pinnata!

GAMES:  These are fun no matter how old you are pinata:$9.99. After we had our candy we set up a twister mat and played twister outside BUT we hosed down the mat with water so it was hard!!! Afterwards we hung out outside and listened to music while we ate our candy until we were dry .

FOOD: while we were out side my mom served us pizza bagles and grilled taquetos. These were slot cheaper than ordering pizza and they tasted better. I also had more drinks and snacks inside.

CAKE: the cake looked like a directores clapboard and said Happy birthday------!!!then we went inside and watched 13 going on 30. I paused the movie in the middle for movie trivia and passed out big candy bars to everyone and another one for whoever got the questions right. The person that got the most questions right got a trophie!!!

Before the movie started we went to the movie theatre and they gave us free boxes for the movie where we put our popcorn can of soda and box of candy in!!! When the movie was over we Had kareoke until they were picked up. It was a really fun party and they all went home with a box that says popcorn with candy a popcorn packet and a $5 giftcard to blockbuster!!!

THANK YOUS: for the thankyous I sent out thank you cards with our group picture and their picture walking downthe runway!!!

This party was the best party ever!!! I hope I have given you some ideas for your next party!!!   "

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