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Oscar Party -13yr- Ticket Invite



December 2007


Alex in QLD Australia

Honorable Mention

Award Show Oscar Party

I wanted to have a big 13th because I wasn't going to get a big party until my 16th. I needed something so that I could invite my school friends and my out of school friends. I used this site as help and came up with the idea of a glamorous Hollywood themed party!

INVITATIONS: Everyone said these looked really cool but they took up alot of time. I invited girls who invited me and all my other friends. The background was a picture of a movie ticket and it said ADMIT ONE to......  Name's 13th Birthday Party  What: dance the night away at the Oscars after Party! Dress nicely with a touch of bling  When: Time Time on the Date  Where: Address  RSVP: on number or number by the Date For the 5 girls staying over it said ADMIT ONE V.I.P. to Name's 13th Birthday Party What: dance the night away at the Oscars after Party! Dress nicely with a touch of bling! Then stay the night at an exclusive sleepover! When: Time/Date ~ Time approx. Date Where: Address Bring: sleeping bag, pillow, cute pj's, tooth brush, bathers, towel, runners  RSVP: on number or number by the Date

LOCATION: We cleared out all the furniture from our family room and used that as the dance floor. We opened all the doors leading out to the patio, pool and backyard. Our dining, family room and kitchen are all in the same area so we made all the food in the dining room and it was easy for my mum with all the food being made in the kitchen. We had a sign on the bathroom door saying Bathroom and red streamers with Staff Only signs hanging up so people couldn't go upstairs or into the kitchen. The sleepover took place in my bedroom. We also gave my puppy away for the night so she didn't annoy everyone.

DECORATIONS: My theme colours were red, gold and silver. We had balloons, streamers, stars in these colours. Coming from the hallway into the family room we had a red carpet and guests had to walk through the gold door cutain.

FOOD: Food was served through out the night. The table had chips, chocolate, marshmallows, nachos and lollies through out the whole night. We bought champagne flutes and other fancy cups with coke, fanta, solo and lemonade which we put food colouring in to make them look fancy. We also had 2 water coolers out so that the guests could drink something healthy.

Throughout the night my mum walked around serving hot dogs, sausage rolls, wedges, cupcakes and fruit kebabs. I had a chocolate mud cake saying Happy 13th Birthday Alex with gold and silver candles and stars in gold, silver and red. For breakfast there was juice and french toast.

ACTIVITIES: Lots of photos of course. My parents had hired a DJ so we danced the whole night. The DJ played the Macerena and the Nutbush. We also had games like Best Dancer and the winner got a pedicure pack, limbo and the winner got a manicure pack and best overall costume which the winner got a pamper pack.

Let a parent or someone else pick the winner otherwise people will think you picked them because they are your best friend. When girls got hot they went outside and dangled their feet in the pool and some girls (even though this wasn't allowed) jumped on the trampoline, so if you don't want people just hanging out block of any areas. 

SLEEPOVER: We got our beds organized and just talked about things. We decided to go jump on the trampoline in the middle of the morning. We just hung out and opened all my presents! We fell asleep at about 3:15.

In the morning we watched She's The Man and then had breakfast. We went swimming because it was 31 degrees! We played Marco Polo and had competitions. At lunch we walked down the local shops for an icecream. Then we went back in the pool.

Everyone's parents came at 3:00 and I gave out bubbles in champagne bottles as a party favour. I had a really good time and I want to go back and have it all over again!

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