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Blacklight Dance -13yr- Washable Glow



April 2008


Britt in Odenton, Maryland, USA


Neon Glow Dance Party

For my 13th birthday party, I want to have a party that was fun and something that everybody remembers. Since so far this year theres been a few other parties then I didn’t want to copy ther idea, there was a Mardi Gras party & a 80's retro party (both good ideas). But for my party I decided on something different, I wanted a glow in the dark,  neon, blacklight party.

This means, there was going to be a blacklight, which means when you are wearing neon (bright colors) or white it would look as though your glowing in the dark!!! Also there was going to be highlighters so that you can write on your body so that your arms will glow in the dark too.

We rented out this really nice cabin place with bathrooms, a kitchen, a stage & a really big area for dancing etc. My brother will act as the bouncer at the front of the door. Im inviting from 50-80 people to my party & its going to be from 6:00 to about 11:00, & it will be a boy/girl dancing party.

Invitations: Bright neon colors, with all the inforation on it.

Decorations: Neon colored balloons & a fog machine for a cool affect. Im also going to have a banner that says Happy birtday on it, with bright colors, & glow in the dark finger paint decorated around it. At the end of the party I will get everybody to sign it so that way I would have memories & because I think it looks cool.

Activities./Games: Dancing Contest because everybody at my school likes to dance & other little board games and fun activities.

Snacks./Food: I will be having at least 6 pizzas, hot & mild chicken wings, veggies with ranch dressing, fruit, candy, cookies, chips & then the cake & icecream. 

I want this party to be a fun & cool experience for everybody who comes, & I hope it goes well. I also hope I gave you guys some cool ideas ;]

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