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Mystery Party -14yr- Jack Detective Queen Murders



December 2008


Hailey in Redmond,Oregon-U.S.A.


Mystery Party

Okay...So I decided to have a Mystery themed party! It will be a mix of guys and girls.

INVITATIONS: The invitations will be like a card but in the shape of a question mark(?)The card will be black and all of the information will be written in silver ink. The party will start around 4:30, and I asked on the invitation that everyone dresses up.

DECORATIONS: I will have the party at my house. In my upstairs living-room I have black fabric up on the walls so that at night it is super dark(: All of the furniture will be moved to the side so we have more room for games. The colors I will be using throughout the decorations are black(of course), red, and silver(but you could use any colors you like) There are going to be balloons all throught the house that are up at the ceiling.

On the dining-room table there wiil be a black table cloth on it, and there will be red and silver sparkles laying out on the table. In the center will be a nife dipped in katsup and laying in a pile of katsup to really have a murder mystery feel to it. The plates will be our nice plates and ect. The cups will be wine glasses(to make a cool toast to the birthday person, or just to make a toast about anything), there will be sparkle cider(non-alcoholic drink) or you can have pop, Dr. Pepper, Mnt. Dew, ect. In the middle of our kitchen we have an island so we will have like a buffet type of thing with a whole bunch of different types of foods and stuff. On the counter will be all the drinks.

GAMES: Since the party is held a little before it is dark we will have a late lunch or an early dinner. By the time that is over it will probably dark. So we'll go upstairs and play murder games.

One of the it's called like Murderer in the Dark, and this is how's it's played: However many people you have that's how many cards you need out, one jack and one queen the rest are numbers, give each person a card, they are the only one that needs to know what they got, whoever got the jack let's everyone know, and they are the detective, whoever got the queen is the murderer, everyone else is a victom, once the detective has left the room turn off all of the lights, everyone must go around the room trying to shake everyone's hand, when the murderer shakes someone's hand they can tickle the palm of that person's hand, once they do that the person that got there hand tickled must fall on the ground and scream(they are now dead") then the detective comes in and askes everyone questions and has to try and figure out who the murderer is a question would be like "Where were you at when the so-en-so died?" (no one is allowed to lie but the murderer) once the murderer is identified you can play again.

COST: This party will not cost much most of the stuff you can find at your local Dollar Tree or Walmart(you could get the stuff mostly anywhere).

GIFT-BAGS: I haven't figured out yet what I am doing for my gift-bags. You can put anything in them just make sure the go along with the theme of your party. Hope my party plans helped you! Have fun and make sure the party is you! Make sure that you will have fun. Because if you have fun your friends will most likely have fun also!!(:"

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