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Mystery Party -13yr- Maybe Even Foot Prints



January 2006


elitsa in concord, CA, USA

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Mystery Party

I had so much fun doing this for my 13th birthday party.  It makes a great time for you and your friends and you'll love it! The theme is a mystery party.  Plot: Make a plot for the mystery party. You can have a murder mystery or a love mystery, or anything else you can think of. 

Characters: Have a friend help you with this. Make up characters' names, descriptions, what they have to do with the mystery, if they're guilty or not, and what they should wear. Make sure you include these in your invitations. Also, type up the plot of your story, example: Long ago, Lady Montegomery had a tea party but she was found murdered, if only we found out who, we take you long ago at the svery same day as her death and the only difference is we are her friends and one of us is a murderer. 

Invitations and character slips: Make the invitations and character slips look old looking if it is based in the 1800's or around that time. You can make them on parchment, write them in elegant cursive with an ink pen (old-fashion) put stains on it, and if you want to go to the extreme, burn the egdes, rip it slightly, and/or crumple it up. Then you can put them in a small white envelope with a fancy sticker to hold the flap close. If you are reaching for the now a days look you may make them normal but if your party is based on the 50's to the 80's go with what style was happening then. For the 50's make it with felt to feel like a poodle skirt and sew on a poodle. Print it with marker and seal it in a cute envelope. For the 70's or 80's look you can make it on colorful paper put peace signs and use words like groovy. Put it in an evnvelope that you tie-dyed.It relly works!!! 

Place: Make it at your house and in the evening so it seems mysterious. 

Name tags: Print out name tags with whatever writing fits your party (look at characters slip and invitations). You can laminate them or put clear duck tape aroungd them so they look laminated. Then, put a safty pin on the back of each one, you can super glue them or tape them. When each guest arrives you can just give it to them an help them put it on. 

Introduction: Make sure each guest is sitting ona chair and hand out the same copy of the  character slips to each of your guests but make sure they don't say if their guilty or not. Have each guest stand up and introduce them selves and read their descriptions in the slips. Also, whatever character your playing has to be innocent to make it less obvious. When you read your description also tell them about the person who was murdered, stolen from, kidnapped, etc. and last but not least tell them the rules. 

Starting the mystery: Before the party, hide clues that your guests will have to find. Make sure one of the clues is hidden in a place with  an obvious find. Example: When you tell about the person who was murdered, stolen from etc. You might say, "she loved reading books" then that will give your guests one place to look for a clue , the bookshelf. The clues that they find may be a plane ticket or a hankercheif, a letter, or an object (fake) that might've been used to kill, steal, or etc. Maybe even put foot prints.  

Ending the mystery: The person who suspects or knows who is guilty will call a meeting, gather everyone up and tell them. You cannot be this person. If the person is correct they deserve a prize, maybe a gift basket, a certificate, or a stuffed animal or even a gift card. If they are wrong then you will say evryone keep looking. Just make sure that if the person is right they present how they found out because you cannot guess. 

Food: Served the way it was in that time or place. Elegant, may be tea and petite fours or 50's may be diner style, milkshakes, burgers, and fries. Make sure your cake is good though and tht you have enough food for everyone. 

Presents: Open your presents after the cake and give your guests goodie bags for them to open also. Make every goodie bag different and wrap it like a present so it seems as though they're celebrating their birthdays also.  Goodbye's: If it is not a sleepover then your goodbye's seam really short. Say bye to each guest give them a hug, make sure everyone has everything they brought and remember and ask them if they have their goodie bags. Promise to call them and say, "TaTa" or "See ya, babe" or even "Peace out" 

Sleepover: If it's a sleepover have your guests actually help you clean up and make it fun by plaing music or singing a song you all know. That way the burden is off you. Then, you can set up a room and watch movies, eat snacks, play board games, do hair, nails, and facials, tell scary stories, play tricks, and lots mor. It's all up to you! In the morning you can have pancakes with smiley faces on them made out of eggs, bacon, and fruit. A refreshing glass ogf orange juice will top it off.

Then you girls can talk, watch T.V., jump on a trampoline (if you have one), swim or relax in your pool or hot tub (if you have one), or hit the mall or the park. Then at lunch you maty treat your guests to a resturant or actually cook with your friends lunch! AS I said it's all up to you. Then hang-out until the parents come, say your goodbye's, hug them, and promise to call. Afterwards is the worst part though, CLEANING UP!!!  Hope you enjoy!

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