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Missing Birthday Cake -14y- Nancy Drew Mystery



June 2013


Michelle in Fort Worth, Texas, USA

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Mystery Party

For my fourteenth birthday party I wanted to have some fun with my friends and not the typical birthday party. I LOVED Nancy Drew books or anything mystery so my parents and I decided to create our own, not too dramatic mystery. I invited seven girls, me being the eighth. No one knew what kind of party I was having except for me, my parents, and my brother and his wife. To them it looked like the typical birthday party.  

INVITATIONS: The invitations were simple, nothing special to really make it look like a normal party. We made them ourselves and used a cute font with birthday themed pictures. My party was a sleepover so I included what they needed to bring. The party started at 6 P.M. on a Friday and ended at about 10:30 A.M. on Saturday.  

DECORATIONS: We didn't have any decorations other than streamers and a birthday banner so that no one would suspect any mystery. 

WHEN THE GUESTS ARRIVED AND THE DINNER: When everyone arrived we left all of their stuff (blankets, pillows, clothes, etc.) in the entry way and went in the living room. We talked and played the Wii until everyone had arrived. Then my mom called us into the dining room to eat our hotdogs and chips. I waited until everyone was completely done and then asked everyone to write their names on their cups and put them on our kitchen counter. Then we all threw our trash away in the kitchen. While everyone was doing that, which took like a minute or so, my mom was texting my brother who was outside by our breaker box with his wife. No one noticed her because really it's a pretty normal thing to be texting.

ACTIVITY: My brother flipped the breaker thingy and all the lights in the house went out! We were all in the kitchen and only I knew it was going to happen. It was pretty funny because EVERY girl pulled out her phone for light.My mom pulled out her own flashlight and grabbed eight more. (They were cheap but worked well.) She handed each of us a flashlight and grouped us into teams of two.She then handed each team a small envelope which contained a small piece of paper. On the paper had been typed a clue that my parents made up. Every team's clue was different and I had no part in making them up.

The clues were riddles and at the bottom of the card was the name of the room the next clue would be found in. (EX... You'll find under the bed a paper it's true. But don't think it's easy it's rather hard to do. Folded so tiny and concealed in the dark it might be close to you so don't look to far. GUEST BEDROOM") The two girls would find the paper with their flashlights(because the lights were still out)and read the next riddle to find another clue. It might be in a book. One of my clues said "piano" and had "pg. 330" on it meaning look in the hymnal on the piano page 330. Finally everyone reached a clue which led them to our large church which we had permission to use. We live VERY close to it so there was no danger. Everyone was told to wait until every team had found that clue and waited on the front porch.

My parents pulled around their cars and we headed to the church. The same seen took place there. We couldn't turn off the church's lights so we covered the light switches with duct tape. We went from building to building before we found what were looking for in an upstairs loft the birthday cake. My brother and his wife had hidden the cake and only they knew where it was. My parents had made the clues to lead to that building and we were to search the entire building over in order to find the cake. Our church has a coffee shop so we then went in there for some smoothies. We ate the cake (Red Velvet)and then went back to the house and set up our "beds". 

SLEEPING: (The lights have been turned back on now.) After setting up our beds we watched a "Scooby Doo" episode with my mini dachshund Charlie Scrappy. His middle name was Scrappy because of Scrappy Doo. :)We played Wii or played around on the piano and we did a lot of talking. One by one we fell asleep. 

BREAKFAST: My mom woke us up for breakfast at 8:30 A.M. We actually ate at 9:00 A.M. but it took a little while for some of us to wake up. She made pancakes: plain chocolate chip white-chocolate chip and banana. We had orange juice milk or water to drink. Then everyone gathered up their things and waited on their parents to pick them up at 10:30 A.M.

I REALLY ENJOYED IT!  BTW: If you aren't able to use your church or don't have anything like it to go to use your backyard or frontyard. Just make sure everyone watches for the ant beds!!! "

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