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Blair Witch Party -14yr- Scary Movie Night



April 2007


Bryony in London, England


Movie Theme Party

Hey, I was struggling for a great idea for my 14th birthday party, and I was looking at all the themed parties, but I wanted it to be a little bit different; so I decided to use the Blair witch project as the theme.

I know what you're thinking, and that's why Blair witch? Well if your teenager is into creepy thriller movies then it's great to base the party around that. 

So anyway to have this party you will need a big tent to sleep in to create the mood of the film, you can invite as many people as you want depending on the size of the tent.

Now you have to decorate it with creepy things, which were in the movie such as; the doll made from sticks, the stones and all the other weird decorations you can think of.

You can also ask your mates to come dressed as a character from their favourite horror film or even from Blair witch.

Now lastly the movies and food; you can order in pizza or have party food the choice is yours, and oh yeh don't forget the popcorn for the movies.

Now pick your horror movies and the scene has been set. 

I haven't had my party yet but I'm sure it will be great and my mates think so too lol, and I hope you decide to go with this theme, as you will never forget this party.

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