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YaYa Sisterhood - Candles & Tarot Cards



August 2002


Colleen in Langhorne, PA  USA


Movie Theme Party

In the spirit of the YaYa Sisterhood, I'm having a girlfriend gathering at my home. 

The yard is set up with Tiki Torches and a Chimina surrounded by tables and chairs. 

The screenhouse will be used for Tarot card readings by a psychic for each of the guests. 

I got everyone's YaYa name from the movie's website and we will play a guessing game. 

Whoever matches the most guests with their YaYa name wins a prize. 

We're also making our YaYa headdresses and the best one wins a prize. 

There are feather boas for everyone, a karaoke machine and video to catch it all.

The house is lit by candles everywhere.  The menu suits the theme which means there's plenty to drink as well and also plenty of room for those who will be staying overnight. 

Throughout the evening, we're taking Polaroid pictures and starting a scrapbook like the one in the movie which we will add to each time we have a get together in the future.

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