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Cloud 9 Party -13yr- Angel Costumes



January 2005


Elise in Northampton, England

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PARTY DESCRIPTION/THEME  It's nearly my thirteenth birthday and here is an idea I had!  It's a 'Cloud 9' party.  You get all the guests to dress up as angels, as do you.  Then you go ice-skating because that's kind of linked, I mean heaven and ice?!  Anyway, then I'm going for pizza and ice-cream at my local pizza hut!  OK, so that's not really got anything to do with cloud 9 but it's the only food that me and all my friends all like!   

CAKE  Instead of a birthday cake my mum is baking a giant cookie.  Like the ones from Millies Cookies that come iced in hearts or circles.  'cept this one is in a cloud shape!  Of course you're not going to have a huge cloud cutter so what we're doing is using a circle cutter you go around the edge of the rolled dough, making a cloud shape.  When we made a practice one it just went all splodgy but what you do is make some rolls of tin foil and tape them around the douhg using masking tape so it stays in place! This works, trust me.  I'm having cookie instead of cake because nobody ever really eats cake but we all love cookie.   

PARTY FAVOURS  For party favors I've got some silver and white hair accessories and make up etc and some silver and white wrapping paper and gift bags and I'm just going to wrap the girts up and put them in the bags!  I'm attaching 3 silver and 3 white balloons to the handle of each bag.  Oh, and of course they'll each get a peice of cookie to take home.   

COST  If you have a very low budget then you could always go ice skating then go home for food and cake.  This party isn't too expensive anyway though.  It shouldn't cost more than £60, mines costing £55.   

COSTUME  For your costume you can either make a full angel costume but I think that's a little OTT.  What I'm doing is wearing tight white trousers, white boots and a fitted knit-jumper.  I also have a white faux fur gilet that I'm going to put on 'cos it'll be pretty cold in February.  Then, of course, I'm having white glittery fair wings and a wand.     

MAKE-UP  For make-up I'm wearing a touch of cooling eye 17 eye shadow in snow, its this really cool snow-white shimmery eye-shadow.  I'm having silver glitter on my face and collar bone.  For lips I'm having pale pink gloss.  HAIR  I'm piling my hair up on my head.  I have this really awkward curly and v. thick hair so I straighten it using my GHD straighteners.  I'm hoping to grow it a little before February.  Anyway, I'm going to scoop my straightened hair into a high side parting using a white hair band.  I'll have a side parting then.  I'm going to leave some pieces down (details on what to do with them later). 

Using tongs I'm going to curl the ponytail then get white glittery curby grips and fasten each individual ringlet to my head in a leap so I get a piling effct.  With the strands of hiar at the front I'm going to curl them and if I only have a few I'll leave them but if I have lots you can sort of group them.  Finish it with hair spray and sparkly clips.  I your hair is cropped then just spike it a bit and add silver hair mascara.  If you want to keep your hair down then it'll look great curly.  Either curl it with tongs or wash it and scrunch it up with curling balm (curling balm can make straight hair curly or just really smooth and define natural curls) and then dry it with diffuser.  A glitter hairspray finish would be a good finishing touch for all of these styles! 

GUESTS  I'm inviting five girls because it'll cost too much for ice skating and pizza if I invite more but it really depends on you.  If you're inviting guys (who probably won't want to be angels) you can have and angels and devils theme.  If you want you could even have too different cakes etc.  Keep numbers of guys/girls even.  That way you can have an angel and a devil skating together!  Although it's your party, and you should invite whoever you want to, if two people really don't get on then maybe you could reconsider.  How about inviting one person to sleepover another time?  Or, if you can, have two parties!  I have two friends who don't like each other much but I know they won't argue on my birthday.  Think carefully.  Will they actually start an argument?  Or just be a bit cold towards each other?  If it's just the latter then don't let it spoil your party! 

OTHER DETAILS  If you can't go ice skating you could have a  party at your house using the angel theme and just play heaven themed games!  This party would be really cool if you had a heaven/hell disco with guys as devils and girls as angels. You don't have to go out to make this theme work, I am though because it really cuts down on tidying up!   Also if you can't afford the party favours I'm sure an extra piece of cake/cookie will go down just as well.  Most importantly though just enjoy yourself.  After all this is your special day!

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